Friday, June 30, 2006


Whatsup People?

Every so often I pick up a camera and try to give birth to the ideas that my mind is pregnant with. Sounds deep, right? *laffin*
More often than not, i jsut pick up the camera and shoot with no focus or direction, and some great shyt tends to come out of it. Those are my favorite kinda shoots.

Here are some things that I did with my girl Jamila not too long ago. Jamila is one of those people who I love to shoot. Photographers, like most people, like to minimize the complications that can come with their work. As an aspiring fashion photographer, my work is to make really pretty pictures, or at least make some really pretty things look even prettier on the page. When working with people, this can be a problem.

Not all people are pretty where in counts (that would be on the inside, people). This can - and usually does, show up int heir pics. Whether they are suffering from low self esteem or I.B.S. , the camera will pick up on that 1 ugly thing and it will color the picture. Some people can present the perfect image. But few people KNOW that that is exactly what a model is supposed to do, put forth a perfect image.

She gets it. Alot of people dont get it, but they stay wanting you to take their picture. To make them look good. To build their self esteem. I love just watching her get ready.


You might ask, how did I manage to get myself in the picture that I took myself? Answer: the remote controlthis digital photographers friend. I hope you like.

Some pics for you.