Monday, December 18, 2006

Keisha Be Doin Some Hair!

Whatsup People?

Today, we celebrate the creativity, versatility, durability, and str8 up HOTNESS that is the Black hair care industry. & You cant talk about Black hair without talkin about Black women.
Black women are Amazing. All women are amazing, but my sisters of the African Diaspora are so effortlessly AWESOME that people often forget, or choose to ignore just how difficult it is to be a Black woman in this day and age in America.

Whether the hair is fried, dyed, coiffed, or simply natural, takes some serious skill and creativity to come up with some of the works of art that black women call hairstyles.

I first met Keisha a few weeks ago, and I could tell from the start that she had those skills. She was also kind enough to display them for me.

Lets pull back the curtain and get a small glimpse into her majic.

Monday, December 04, 2006


.... Is my Friend, Hommie, Fogg Baron, and most importantly, a Renaissance Woman. & My Barber. Remember when I said that I've been getting to shoot some pretty girls? Well, Candace is one of them. You gotta Love Candace.

Oh yeah.. She's the Hotness.

Ever wonder what happens whe you get DexStarG, his Camera, A Hot Black Woman, and too much Fogg in one room? Well, uhm... Just look...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whatup C & D?

Man oh man, These Holidays.

First the Fat Boyz break up, then I had to make some uneccessary moves for work, then my super fast second hand laptop died a blue death, and I got identity thefted (second time this year) leaving me $4.00 in the bank till I got up in the Bank and the CC Company & the online retailers ass that let it happen.

FYI: Dex does not shop @ ---

In between all this, Ive been trying to get y hustle on with these pictures/ master photoshop (it IS the debil), and try not to go all Joan Clayton over the fact that Im 29, kinda phine, and single (Waaah waaah)

But I am blessed. I mean, as stressed as I kinda am, my issues aren't impossible ones. People still smile when they see me comming. Plus, I like the fact that I'm blessed enough that people think about me when I'm not around.

PLus, I get to take pictures of Pretty girls ... More to come.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gotta Love Drew

My hommie Drew is probably one of the coolest and well adjusted people I know. A native Californian, he's all about Baseball and good vibes. After returning from a few months in Austrailia and Europe, he decided to gather all his friends together for 1 big B-day/ Halloween party.

Unfortunalty, I didnt get the memo on dressing up in costume. Below are some Pics. I have alot more pics to post, so check back later for updates.

Oh yeah, Evelyn showed, in full effect.

As the night progressed, so did everyones level of intoxication. It was almost hyphie in there. Again, Evelyn was in my ear, talkin shyt, pushin buttons, creating memories. Uhm, the next set of pics kinda reflect that. Sorry or the crazy composition, but by the time I'd remember to pull out my cam and shoot, Evelyn had alerted me to a many of other things that maybe/did/should happen in the next 5 seconds. Basically, I was a little distracted. I hope that doesn't take away from the fun (in the pics) Enjoy!

The night went on. I made friends, talked, chilled, smoked, Danced with Evelyn. damn, I had fun. The Crazy thing is, as the party went on, more and more and more shyt went down. But one thing is for sure, NYers know how to Party, get dressed up and get fvked up and still look good. More pics below.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tie Shirt.

Whatsup People?

I am currently busy with a few Halloween shoots. Untill I'm able to show you some of my NEW stuff, here's a look at some of my older shyt. Older like, earlier this year.

Disclaimer: these pics are crap. But they feature Jake McJake (of the Michael Lucas Porn variety). That i s reason enough to post them :)

The pics are from a test shoot for a product called the TieShirt.


Below are the pics from the presentation, without the captions. You will also see the originator of the TieShirt towards the end (Whatsup Mattias!)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Every so often I think about Jermaine.

Jermaine and I were about as close to Romy and Michelle as 2 big ass black men could be. We could go out and have tonnes of fun every time we decided that tonnes of fun were what we wanted.

Similar, in the fact that we were both Southern (me: Texas/GA. him: NC/TX). Southern geigh dudes are different from our northern brethren as we aren’t delusional. Yes, NYC homos are delusional.

They don't talk to strangers. They don't dance. They go out of their way to be rude to strangers (who dance especially). And the clincher? They float through life with a misplaced sense of entitlement based on the fact that they live in NYC.


Jermaine and I would laugh about the New York geigh seen all the time. We would go out and dance all the time. He even got me to realize that putting on some muscle wouldn't take away from the person that I am, but help me become the person that I'm supposed to be.

Jermaine is my HEro.

Here are some pics of Jermaine from earlier this year.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Michael Sandy

Whassup people?

Michael Sandy was a person. He was a guy not unlike me, with friends, family, and co workers who loved and supported him. On October 8th, 2006 he was a victim of a set up. A bunch of str8 men - kids - thought it would be a great idea to go online to gay dating websites and connect with unsuspecting guys, lure them to a remote location, and then have a few of their friends jump out of the bushes and physically attack and rob the mark.


When these kids (children), decided to execute their cowardly plan, they didn’t think. They didn’t think about how a professional man, with a love for the arts and culture, a passion for design, and a strong support system would react to four men jumping out of some bushes late at night beating him across the head and body for no reason and without warning.

Michael Sandy did what smart people do when being attacked by a faceless mob, he ran. In a bid to save his life, he ran. Disoriented and in a state of panic, he ran. He ran directly into the far right hand lane of traffic on a nearby highway where he was struck by a car and left for dead.

His attackers then dragged him to the side of the road, rifled through his pockets (presumably to recover his cell phone), and ultimately left him for dead again.

Michael Sandy eventually did die from his injuries.

I know that I'm not the most prolific writer on the block, nor do I think that I'm the best orator, but if I don’t leave you with anything today, I must leave you with this:

Michael Sandy was no different from any of us. He lived, worked, paid taxes, laughed, danced, thought, cried, sang, jumped, shopped, hoped, dreamed, craved, despaired, encouraged, endowed, imagined, cared, and loved just like you and I. He was just handling his business like you and I do everyday. I didn't know Michael Sandy personally, but from the things I read about him, I could have. He could have easily been my friend or hommie. Instead, he is something of a martyr.

He was someone’s son. He was someone’s nephew.

He was Young, Gifted and Black and this should not have been the end of his story.

Below are pictures from his Rally at City Hall.

Monday, October 09, 2006

You gotta Love Marc

Marc Rashad Jones gets a thumbs up from me. I'm a little short on words right now, but I will be placing some well deserved ones about him, his friends, and his party in the very near future. Right now, Check out the pics and let me know what you think.

PS: The party was fun. :)

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Ritchie Show

Ok Bitches, I'm back.

Damn, for the past few weeks, ya boy has had allergies (damn NYC living), an attempt by Lil Miss Influenza to cut into my $$$, a wonky tooth, and to cap it all off, I (accidentally) stabbed myself with a galvanized steel nail.



After takin it easy for a few days, I decided to take my new camera out for a spin. Just in time for my Dutch Friends to arrive. Who are they? They are Regillio (in the pic to the left) and his buddy Ritchie.

I heart them. I have known Regillio for many years. He's a native of Surinam, and has been runnin shyt (black gay club circuit) in Amsterdam for years. He comes over every month for work, sometimes week after week.

And sometimes he brings friends. Which brings me to Ritchie? I like Ritchie. He's also from Surinamese and there’s just something about him that I dig. He kinda reminds me of myself when I was less serious, you know, before male patterned baldness, and the gym. Compared to Ritchie’s sunny demeanor, I'm a crabby old man *grrrrr*. But its cool, its progression.

Check out the Ritchie show in the slide below and let me know what you think (about the Muthafvkin pictures. I'm trying to get used to a whole different technology with this shyt, so yeah... thoughts, suggestions.)

Oh yeah, before that I went to get a haircut and to talk to my Tailor. So yeah, that should explain any xtra pics in the mix.

Be cool bitches, I'll have a lot more to show you soon.

Monday, September 25, 2006

You Gotta Love Africa

Wassup Homies! This past week, Dex was battling a funky tooth, the flu, and the failing American healthcare system. Because of these things, I'm a little too downtrodden to be the visual orgasm (or is it more like a kiss?) that you are used to. But have no fear, Jacob is here! Jacob is my homie is Gaborne, Botswana. He was kind enough to send me some pics of him Lounging with his crew. check him and them out and soak in some of that good "African-ness".

Monday, September 18, 2006

Honky Tonk Abstract

This weekend, my girl, Lisa (you remember Lisa, right?), invited me to hear her sing at this event in Red Hook. It was cool. It was fun. It was experimental. These hip hop, soul, R&B, rock, and eclectic folk musicians all got together to celebrate everything country. I know it sounds strange, but it was GREAT. Seriously, the artists were doing all original music. My fav thing about the entire show is the BROADNESS of thought required to envision something like that for NYC.

Can Dex broaden his horizons? You know I like clean, pretty pictures. My goal is to rock the fashion/ commercial world with my clean, pretty pictures. But I can do more than just clean and pretty pictures.

Here I am doing the Abstract/ artsy thing. WITH NO PHOTOSHOP. Dig in, bitches.

P.S. Remember, I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my shyt. ;)


Ritchie is my friend. He's super smart and just as extraordinary as me. This weekend, he invited me over to have dinner and Watch some DVD's. This is great, because 2 of my favorite things to do in the whole world are eat home cooked food (Cup o' Noodles doesnt count) and watch DVD's with friends.

Luv Ritchie. Enjoy Ritchie.

Friday, September 15, 2006

A Lovely Day

I'd like to send a special shout out to all my Bloggers and Bloggettes out there. If you look to the right of this post you'll notice something, that I dont have any of my special people listed in the "links" section. Well, its time to change that. So to all my people out there who want to be seen and linked, hit me up in the comments section of this post and drop your blogg addy and a brief description. Also, if you are both Crunk + Disorderly, make sure that you let me know. I just wanna make sure that we are kept close knitt (get it Saun? Close KNITT *giggles*).


Oh yeah. Dex wants YOU to put him to work. I notice that alot of people are both curious hungry for a piece of NYC. With the cost of airfare and hotels now days, its kinda hard for the average Joe (or Jolinda) to make it here. Let me be your eyes.

DexStarG will go on walks for you. Document every turn, and even do a photo essay on the destination location.

To start off, holla at me with a destination or an activity that you hear us NY'ers do and I'll go shoot it. Curious about Blo
omingdales? Sacks 5th? The VIllage? Dramatic Cunts? Puerto Ricans? I dunno... anything from Sex and the City? Let me know and I’ll work it out to get you some views.

Don’t know where to begin? Use
THIS MAP of the NYC transit system to start yaself off.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

BDAY Wishes.

Its my BDay, bitches. Yes, surprise! A nigga like me was actually born, not grown or hatched. In other news, I've decised to be completely clueless for my Bday. No thinking or analyzing. No, I'm jsut gonna coast and pretend like people actually get you gifts on your B-day. Hell, while I'm at it, I might as well pretend that when they give you the gift, its actually something that you want or can use ( I have yet to recieve a bday gift that I either wanted or could use... and I'm 29).

So here I am and this is my request. Neat, huh? *SQUEEE*
So, because I have no shame, Here is my Amazon Wishlist. (if you cant pull it up search via my email: know..because I don't have real-life friends to buy me things. [insert puppy-dog eyes here]. In other, other news... Britney Spears had another future crackhead bouncing baby boy at 2am this morning. According to my sources, she named him Yodaddy S'fugginloser. I think it's French. Or something.

Edited to ad: In this day of i.this and e.that, not all gifts need be physical. I used to love this song and show when I was a kid (big surprise). to this day, when I'm walking through a club, I hum it, sorta as a personal mantra. "Dex is my name, no one else is the same...."

Before I get ready to leave the house, you might catch me mumbling "It's Showtime, Synergy" ...

yeah.. I am truly outrageous

My *heart* Homegirl Kim (Upstate) sent me the BEST b-day gift ever.

Monday, September 11, 2006


Mike is my friend. He's a Midwest guy making it in the city singin, dancin, actin, and of course.... waiting tables. We hang out from time to time, and he's cool. One thing I do appreciate about Mike is that he is a man of his word. He says what he means and he means what he says. He’s a stand up guy... and every other cliche' of that ilk. Basically, he's good peoples.

Here are some pics of Mike just doing the "YT" thing... :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Instant Messaging Fun w/ DEX

Ok, I hate instant messages. If you IM me and actually get a response, then know I must love you like I love Orange Soda. I feel like they are spontanious conversations that go nowhere. Everytime I hear that "dunk" sound on my SK3, I feel like Ive been ambushed by:

a) a 12year old hopped up on Sugar, Starbucks, and Beyonce


B) A Heroine addict who's jsut remembered that ... wait... uhm ... pause....


But sometimes they can be fun. below is a Message between me and one of my Caucasian friends. We bumped into each other after not seeing one another for about a year. We exchanged emails and promised to keep in touch. So far so good :)

----------------------- 9:57 pm -----------------------

This is Me: Sup

My Friend: shillin yo

My Friend: i'm mad high

This is Me: Cool

This is Me: I'm bout 2 be

My Friend: gotta shower & gonna watch napoleon dynamite

This is Me: Yeah!

My Friend: pass that yo

This is Me: Not home yet

My Friend: watching it cuz I cant get the opening song outta my brain

This is Me: What

My Friend: plus i'm high & I can fall asleep to it, or I can drink a beer with it

This is Me: OOOOO

This is Me: Yeah

My Friend: werd

This is Me: Ima watch that when I get home

My Friend: I just need to get off my lil white azz to go shower. This chair isn’t even comfy. i'm just to bout to get up

My Friend: how long till u get home

This is Me: 45 min

My Friend: eww

This is Me: In lees right now

This is Me: Maaaad ricans

This is Me: And hipsters

My Friend: what's lees? or who's lee?

My Friend: chineefoo restaurant?

---------------------- 10:04 pm ----------------------

My Friend: *hachoo*

This is Me: Lower east side

My Friend: o I c

My Friend: oh filines & tjmaxx had shit My Friend: *snaps ur bra strap*

This is Me: Further

This is Me: Houston

My Friend: *shrug*

This is Me: I still have the swimsuit from my blog

This is Me: And I got a guy that I'm gonna get 2 make me 2 pair

This is Me: So that's 3

My Friend: lemme see the blog pic?

This is Me: Fruit of the loom... customized

This is Me: Uhm.. Its in the fire island slide

My Friend: idunno even what ur blog addy is

This is Me:

This is Me: :-)

My Friend: so yah uhm...dexter.. I need to know what uve been doing at the gym to get ur body lookin like that....

---------------------- 10:13 pm ----------------------

My Friend: oh lawd..lll lookit all them sexy brown men!!!

---------------------- 10:39 pm ----------------------
This is Me: I go 1ce a week

This is Me: Work out chest and arms

This is Me: Triceps

This is Me: And pecs

My Friend: wait wait...

This is Me: Strategic weights

My Friend: u only go to the gym ONCE a week!??!?

This is Me: Yeah

My Friend: wet

This is Me: And have a protein shake

This is Me: 56g

This is Me: I'm from tx

My Friend: I go like 3 - 5 & i'm still skinnyass

This is Me: So I got an advantage

My Friend: yo u look FIIIIIIIINE let me tell u

This is Me: I'm SUPPOSED to be big

My Friend: yah I guess everything's bigger in TX

This is Me: I'm from farmers

My Friend: heh

My Friend: i'm from gypsies

My Friend: meh

This is Me: So u r good with knives

This is Me: And majic

This is Me: :-)

My Friend: & kidnapping

My Friend: damn dex I cant find my peach!!!

This is Me: It’s between your cheeks

My Friend: *gigglings*

My Friend: nah that's a hemorrhoid

This is Me: Geez


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

West Indian Day Madness!

Oh my Gosh. The West Indian Day parade snuck up on me again. I guess with all the partying I did this summer, its only fair that my favorite event came in kind of quietly (for me) and luckily for me, it was held around the corner from my crib.

For those that don’t know, the West Indian Day Parade in BK is a direct off shoot of Carnival.
I like it because it’s so much like Mardi Gras, but different. Yet, the Same. For the people who live outside of NYC or just aren’t too familiar with the how we roll, this celebration is major. It’s an opportunity of the residents of Brooklyn (and NYC) to come together and celebrate all things Caribbean, all things Carnival, and all things joyous. Below are some of the pics I took on my way from my house, to the carnival, as well as 2 or 3 shots I took on my way to run a quick errand that morning.

FYI, my hood one of the hoods that everybody has to pass by when walking to the parade (they close down the streets to car traffic) so a lot of these pics are of people either going to or coming from the festivities. Oh yeah, I realize that alot of people who visit my blog do so from out of state. Some of you guys havent been to NYC and probably arent too familiar with any part of it that wasnt shownon either Seinfeld or Sex and the City. So..... Let Dexstarg be your eye. From now on, I'll try to shoot my slideshows for the "tourists".

That means, take a chance and click on some of the pics in the slide show. Some of the crowd shots are high resolution (really really big), so when you click on them, you can actually SEE the crowd, the streets, the clothes, the NYC of it.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lisa E introduces DexStarG to Desagod

I love Lisa. Not only is she my Friend and neighbor, but she's also from my hometown (3rd ward) and is str8 up bout it. we hung out this past saturday. I came over to scope out her new crib and to get foggy. Lisa doesnt participate in the fog because (you aint ready) she's an international opera singer and she has to save her voice (told you).

After taking an extended nap, we decided to take a walk in the city and you know what... it was fun. Lisa invited her homie (a 3rd Ward native, and now my homie of course,) Desiree to come along. D is bout it and I heart her soul.

oh yeah... don't she kinda look like a Sexy Raven Simone?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tony's Party

Hey Guys, as promised, here are the pics from Tony O.'s big b-day bash. Nothing really to ad, just alot of eye candy. Enjoy!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Me & Evelyn Dance on Fire Island

Hey guys! first things first, let me shout out SuperStar Celebrity "It Girl" Supreme Hot Chick Music Mistress and Empress of Disco, Lina (Also my homegirl). Thats me and her to the right, even tho we go waaaaaaay left. :)

I heart Lina ( & love those custom 1 of a kind Michael Kors creations she and her crew sported to the party). But more on that later.

Say, we can talk, right? I mean, we're cool like that - you and I, right? So I don’t really have to censor myself with you guys. Do I? I hope not, cause I'm about to let it all hang out for this one. *grin*

Man, this weekend I went to Fire Island to visit a friend. While I was there, I made some new friends, hung out with some old friends, and even booked a couple of gigs (event photography).

You wanna know what else I did? I went dancing with my friend Evelynn. Some of you guys might know Evelyn (or "E", as she's sometimes called). She's an international party girl. Mad fun, will party with anyone that will have her, and always on a mission to make the party better. Even if you don’t know her personally, you've heard of her, have a close friend that likes to party with her, and maybe have a few hard core opinions about her ways. It's all good. She's my friend. :)

Some of you might ask, what does Evelynn look like? Her appearance is constantly in flux, but overall, she's a little thing. I've never asked where she's from (there are rumors that she's a former CIA operative - born in Holland, and now on the lamb from the law) but she seems like she might be a Latina to me.

Evelynn and her erratic personality(ies)are legendary. Seriously. Some people think that she's always on. Always Up. Always on fire, but for real, she's more complicated than that. See, back in the day, I used to take Evelynn out to the clubs with me and introduce her to all my friends. During this time, we got to know each other pretty well. So let me introduce you to the 3 main personalities that makeup Evelynn, the party monster.

Rosie Perez: This is her all the time. ALLL THE FUVKIN TIME. When she's in your pocket, or you are thinking about maybe takin a dance with her, there she is. A dyed in the wool NewYOrican with extra hood tendencies. She's that friend that says shyt like "Oh cummoooon, Papi. I don't undah-stand why you's ovuh there on the wall actin like you shy. What's wrong, Papi? Let's dance!" All in that distinctive voice. This is the Evelynn that will get you in trouble, because that's what she is - a trouble maker. Evelynn is also that kind of girl that will give you the worst advise ever. "Go squeeze her titties, Papi. Wha!? She'll like it! You're cute, Papi. Who in their right mind would turn you down? Look, I help you, see?"


Jennifer Lopez: Evelynn has a different side to her also. See, she's also strives to be a little better than her past. She's that ghetto girl that's partied with the A- Listers, so she's got a taste for the glamorous life. She usually falls into this aspect of herself when we FIRST join hands and hit the dance floor. She scans the room, does a two step. Her movements are subdued, but every step is brimming with a sexual fire that threatens to explode over anyone that dares to meet her gaze. Her lips go into a pout and she takes that nasally Bronx accent and turns it into something a little more..... seductive. "It's your time tonight, Daddy, so tell me what you wanna do". This is around the time where she starts to get a little distracted. She knows she wants to be cool, and stay sexy... but she likes to explore also. So you Louis & Clarke it all throughout whatever party you are @ till her feet start to hurt.

Charo: Some of you might not be too familiar with this reference, but it fits. Toward the end of every party, Evelyn, being the spirited lady that she is, falls victim to the drumbeat. When the music gets to goin, and the party gets to jumpin, it’s Evelyn that's encouraging you to join in with her exceptionally outrageous show. And what a show she will put on for you. This is usually about the time that she's convinced you that the best outfit to wear on the dance floor is also the most salacious. She's the one that has you bouncing around the club shouting stupid catch phrases(this weekend, mine was "I'm a Winner Baby, a Success" a'la "Mahogany" ) - More on that later.

That said, when you look at allot of these pics, I might not be the most composed. In fact, I might look like I was gonna strip down and start playin nekkid bongos, it's cause I was. If it looks like me and Whitney Houston could be good buddies, maybe make some late night cigarette runs to the 7-11, probably cause it's true. What I’m saying is, there's some H.A.M-age goin on in these pics, but gosh, we're cool enough that I can show you the scene without you being too mean. Right?

enjoy the pics.

Sunday was the Asencion Party where not only was it a beautiful day, but I got to meet and one of my fav DJ's, Brett Henrichsen (check us out below. I heart Brett) , but I had a damn good time, as you will see *laffing*.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Homer, the snitch. This was probably one of my favorite Homer capers. Dude is bugged, no doubt.

So Lil Dex and I were chillin, watchin Homer do his thing when I remembered my hommie K. K. is a friend of one of my favorite people (Previn) so that makes him a friend of mine. Plus, he's a native Texan, just like me. This makes him a special kinda of person. Not only can he match me plate for plate at the dinner table, but he can hang with some of my other consumerist habits.

Enjoy the pics :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beach Pt 3

Whats got everybody so hyped? All my beautiful black people were in a tizzy over something or someone..

This chick looks like she'd sell her right tittay for a piece of whatever she's reaching for.

Anyway, this is the last of the beach pics. Me and friends and others just wildin out. Enjoy!

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Beach and Stuff...

On Sunday, More Pride events and yo, more of my favorite people. Who was there? Well, Besides the Hot Body contest, hoseted by none other than Americas Next Top Model, Eva (The DIVA) and Real World contestant, Karamo. Uhm... SWV Performed. But its more about friends, the Fam, and a whole lot of beauty...

I hope you dig the flicks.

And finally, the beach wouldn't be the beach without bringing up Brazil, in any way possible.

THe Weekend again....

Yo, I know I've been Slackin on my pimpin, but here goes... This weekend Started off pretty chill. My girl, GiGi stopped by to drop off my Dave Chappelle Season Two DVD box Set. But what I dont understand is, how she gonna hold onto it and still not watch the infamous "Rick James" Episode? All my lil jokes be lost on her (u like my Ebonic, huh?) No Haircut, no shave... Rent got paid, so no no $. Hence nuthin but the freebee events for me this weekend. Starting with THe Neighborhood Block party. More on that later.

GiGi bounced, Prev popped up, and we hit the streets. Prev couldnt find his metro card, which didnt matter because we didnt have a destination. That is, Until Blajon called. Blajon is one of my most favoritest peoples in the world. I've know him forever and now we are neighbors. I heart Blajon.
Anyway, he hipped me to some Black Gay Pride events. I had my camera, so I was like... lets do it.

This Blog is all about beautiful people. I don't get to shoot half the beauty that I see in the day, mainly because people assume that every camera is darksided, and every photographer is Al Queda(sp?) Walking through beautiful - but gentrified- Ft. Green BK was a treat. The weather finally broke and it was pleasant out.
Prev and I mixed and mingled in the park and then ran ito this HAWT sistah just lounging (looking good, feeling casual), so of course I had to take her picture. I liked her. She introduced me to a fantastic woman and Author by the name of
S. Stephens who wrote a book by the name of "Am I My Sister's Keeper?" It looks good. More pics of S.Stephens and the Fam below. Click for the bigger version.

Aiight lil Hommies, That's it for now. More pics to come.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sneak Peek

Whatup folks? Here's a sneak peek of some things that I have comming up this week. Right now, the pics might not make much sense, but think of them as teasers to whats to come.

I really aint got much to say today, just given filling in the spaces. And to the folks at that spot who kept insisting that me wearing suspenders = postitute.

Not every Black man with his shirt off is for sale. Some of us have careers, and maybe even a Degree or two. Keep wishing.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The weekend

Yo, I went out this weekend.
Did I have fun? Sorta.
What did I do? Stuff.
Did I meet anyone interesting? Yes.
Will we hang out again? No (I'm not as tolerant of very pretty petty thieves as I used to be).

Did I get hit on? No, I never get hit on, Im too big. I get flirted with, usually in the most cautious and coy-like way possible.

Do I have any pictures? Yeah, but do I really want to show them? Nah....maybe later.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I bet you couldnt tell her nuthin that night.

Back in Jan. of 2003, Star Jones Reynolds attends the We Are Family Foundation ceremony at the China Club in New York. You know how you call ya peoples to talk about the Who, What, When, Where and What the fuck you are gonna wear to whatever event u might be going to? This is how I imagine the convo went between Star and her friend....

I bet she was like "Girl, yes. FUR, ALLLLL around the collar. Yeah chile, I got them to double up them layers to hide 2 of my chins. Im gonna be sharp! Whats that? What you say? whats the rest of the dress made from? Girl, Spandex, what else?

What 'chu say? Am i gonna make it through the ceremony? Yes, bitch, i'm bringing a lunchbox! Don't worry, i got protien bars and vitamin water in it... you know im tryin to get ready for my surgery...."

and then she was like..

"Im a lawyer!" - (Thnx Anon2.0!)

Back when she could sing

Yeah, she fell off.

But way back when.... she could sing. So lets forget about the granny thongs, wonky plastic surgery, and the fact that she sounds like a drunken autistic. Instead, lets sit back with a cool glass of [insert "get right" here], and reminisce about when she sounded like this.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lest I forget, Leke.

The French Can't Catch a break....

So, yeah. Sunday, I was in the mood to go for a walk in my hood. I figured, since I have taken up blogging, and since my blog is really about showing pics (and gettin in practice, ya'll) I figured I'd take my camera along.

yeah... well, first and last stop was this chill lil place down the street from me by the name Habanna Outpost. As I walked up, i noticed that there was a crowd at the restauraunt next door. A quaint lil French place, Cafe Lafayette, had World cup fever. France vs. Italy.

So there was a crowd, that spilled out into the street.
And who did I spot while I'm walking downt the street? None other than Lisa herself (lower left hand corner. Good times.

Well, for the folks not too invested in the game (that would be me), it was kind of hard to muster up this kind of emotion DexStarG loves beautiful people, but not when they are sad. I was like, the Algerians are pissed. We'll, I guess she had a reason. Yeah, down and out *blah* = boring. So went off and took some pictures of the folks. Do i feel like writing about everything that went down? nah..

Check out the pics and come up with your own scenerios....


Weekend Snap Shots

Friday, my girl Lisa hits me up and was like "Dexter, come with me to here my boi spin".

ok *shrug*

We go to this spot in the LES. It was cool, but I forget the name of it, but it was right next to this club I keep hearing about from my caucasian associates -- uhm, Eastern Bloc?. Anyway, it was str8 and the Dj's were GREAT. The host of the night, DJ Equal was a really cool dude. He hooked me up with a free (and much needed) t-shirt, AND he got skills on the 1's & 2's (do people still say that?)

And not only is he down with the SK3, but he's also down with the ladies alsoI made some friends (Canadians are HOT), Lisa made some Friends (Argentinians are Cool). My girl Z. was in effect, and kept my spirits high all night. And of course we was jammin.

I had got stuck around 4:20 (ya feel me?) so I wasn't feeling real School House Rock, but here are some pics from the night. enjoy!

ok... enough about that...

I went to a really cool house party in Williamsburg on Saturday, met alot of chill folks, but I forgot my camera-- so no pics for you. *cue sad music*

buuuuuuut, I did happen to be in a "Beautiful Brooklyn" mood on Sunday, so I took a walk in the hood.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Maintainence Day

Wassup ya'll?

I'm starting to get the hang of this layout thing, but i still need a little help with some really basic shyt. Like, uhm... how do you put links on the side of the page and all that junk? Wait, I jsut figured it out.

Anyway, I'll be adding pics and posts all weekend in order to make the site look like something. So if you guys know of any HTML savvy web designers who wouldnt mind hookin ya boy up for free.....


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I know I'm late...

I went to my girl SooJin's crib for the Holiday. As you can see, I was gettin my Lindsey Lohan on. It was fun. I met a ton of cool people. Really great company, terrific conversation. There were some artists in the room and we got to peep their shyt. Mostly rap/ hip hop - underground type shyt.

I made a few friends also. This one chick was like my twin cousin or somethin (you know, like play cousin that you resemble and share common interests). He name was GiGi and she officially made my muthafvkin night. We chilled, talked, she cussed me out a few times (some people jsut dont like gettin their picture taken *shrug*), yeah... we bonded. She was tellin me about her recent adventures backpacking through Thailand.

Thats right, Thailand Bitches.

Overall, despite the rain and the fact the the very ideals that we were attempting to celebrate days are numbered her in the land of ours.... I had fun.

More pics below.