Friday, September 08, 2006

Instant Messaging Fun w/ DEX

Ok, I hate instant messages. If you IM me and actually get a response, then know I must love you like I love Orange Soda. I feel like they are spontanious conversations that go nowhere. Everytime I hear that "dunk" sound on my SK3, I feel like Ive been ambushed by:

a) a 12year old hopped up on Sugar, Starbucks, and Beyonce


B) A Heroine addict who's jsut remembered that ... wait... uhm ... pause....


But sometimes they can be fun. below is a Message between me and one of my Caucasian friends. We bumped into each other after not seeing one another for about a year. We exchanged emails and promised to keep in touch. So far so good :)

----------------------- 9:57 pm -----------------------

This is Me: Sup

My Friend: shillin yo

My Friend: i'm mad high

This is Me: Cool

This is Me: I'm bout 2 be

My Friend: gotta shower & gonna watch napoleon dynamite

This is Me: Yeah!

My Friend: pass that yo

This is Me: Not home yet

My Friend: watching it cuz I cant get the opening song outta my brain

This is Me: What

My Friend: plus i'm high & I can fall asleep to it, or I can drink a beer with it

This is Me: OOOOO

This is Me: Yeah

My Friend: werd

This is Me: Ima watch that when I get home

My Friend: I just need to get off my lil white azz to go shower. This chair isn’t even comfy. i'm just to bout to get up

My Friend: how long till u get home

This is Me: 45 min

My Friend: eww

This is Me: In lees right now

This is Me: Maaaad ricans

This is Me: And hipsters

My Friend: what's lees? or who's lee?

My Friend: chineefoo restaurant?

---------------------- 10:04 pm ----------------------

My Friend: *hachoo*

This is Me: Lower east side

My Friend: o I c

My Friend: oh filines & tjmaxx had shit My Friend: *snaps ur bra strap*

This is Me: Further

This is Me: Houston

My Friend: *shrug*

This is Me: I still have the swimsuit from my blog

This is Me: And I got a guy that I'm gonna get 2 make me 2 pair

This is Me: So that's 3

My Friend: lemme see the blog pic?

This is Me: Fruit of the loom... customized

This is Me: Uhm.. Its in the fire island slide

My Friend: idunno even what ur blog addy is

This is Me:

This is Me: :-)

My Friend: so yah uhm...dexter.. I need to know what uve been doing at the gym to get ur body lookin like that....

---------------------- 10:13 pm ----------------------

My Friend: oh lawd..lll lookit all them sexy brown men!!!

---------------------- 10:39 pm ----------------------
This is Me: I go 1ce a week

This is Me: Work out chest and arms

This is Me: Triceps

This is Me: And pecs

My Friend: wait wait...

This is Me: Strategic weights

My Friend: u only go to the gym ONCE a week!??!?

This is Me: Yeah

My Friend: wet

This is Me: And have a protein shake

This is Me: 56g

This is Me: I'm from tx

My Friend: I go like 3 - 5 & i'm still skinnyass

This is Me: So I got an advantage

My Friend: yo u look FIIIIIIIINE let me tell u

This is Me: I'm SUPPOSED to be big

My Friend: yah I guess everything's bigger in TX

This is Me: I'm from farmers

My Friend: heh

My Friend: i'm from gypsies

My Friend: meh

This is Me: So u r good with knives

This is Me: And majic

This is Me: :-)

My Friend: & kidnapping

My Friend: damn dex I cant find my peach!!!

This is Me: It’s between your cheeks

My Friend: *gigglings*

My Friend: nah that's a hemorrhoid

This is Me: Geez



Saun said...

I haven't IM'ed in a year so for a min there I had no idea what ya'll were talking about. The end was funny as hell though.

Ninjagirrl said...

Ya'll are special. I hate im too. But I tell you what, the funniest text messages I have ever received usually come from you. Like this random shit:

I luv Uspearagus:)

Dex said...

Its because we're on the Vowel Diet :)