Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ron.Bell |air.Mugler

Is my Hommie.

Where do I begin? First of all, brotha can dance. When I think "Bellair", images of west African dance, Alvin Ailey, leaps, fan kicks, 6'oclock stretches, cunty catwalk, Katherine Duhnam, Martha Graham, and Debbie Allen...... all within that solid compact tiny lil frame.

Bellair. He has the hugest heart, ya'll. Supportive to his friends. & Friends = Family for him.

People Love him

He's Sexy

& Once you meet him...

You'll be so glad you did. :)

Happy Birthday Ron, You are an angel on this Earth.Thanks for showing me right from wrong - even though , being a Virgo, I'm never really wrong, just misinformed . *wink*

Love you much.

Andre Returns

Lets talk about Andre.

Andre is Light.

Andre is Magic. Andre is Sex.

Andre is Light
is Love.

Andre is Everything.
Andre J is really the reason I ended up on the path of documenting NYC Nightlife. He got me my very FIRST club gig. It was at the legendary NYC spot, Club lotus. He was my very first Muse, and he continues to inspire me with every breath. We've been friends so long that we are Brothers. Both in Art and Love & life. Since landing on the cover of French Vogue back in November of 2007, his life and career have launched themselves up to Super Luminal speeds. From NYC, to Vienna, to London, to Paris. Andre is Universal. We hit up Kiss & Fly in the Meatpacking District (our old stomping grounds) Check out the energy that he brings to the room.

We had a blast that night Celebrating life and love.

U just gotta love Andre J.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tulips and Pansies

Last Thursday, I found myself what I momentarily thought to be a rendition of Alice in Wonderland’s mad tea (hat) party starring all the pretty dantie celebrities and reality stars (courtesy of Bravo of course) of NYC doing hoola hoop tricks and strut the boardwalk repartee. Of course if you were there you’ll know what I mean, cause this lovely and well conceived affair presented by Village Care turned out to be a rather delightful affair which said author hopes a lot of cash was raised to help many of those afflicted with AIDS, homelessness and despair. In short it was an extravagant affair constituting a variety of the city’s best fashion designers and fashion insiders lending their hand to show off some of their latest wares but mostly as Kelly Cutrone would later impress upon me to get help to people who mostly need it, who she reminded me don’t happen to be living in some third world nation but in our very backyard.

Our host for the evening turned out to be an elf, or at least that’s what I thought when TV personality James Aguiar took to the stage looking like a delectable circus ring leader. All that was missing was the swirly moustache, but rest assured the gold shoes, sparkly clothes and over the top glitter was all there. As he implored the girls (at some point some of the girls turned into drag queens- but what do did you expect at James’ tea party kids?) to strut the plank guests abound cheered and gushed as fantastical designs corroborated by ostentatious head (hat?) wear topped each look off.

Iight, but on the real. The highlight of MY night

was meeting the one and only Pat Cleveland.

She is EVERYTHING. (Everything? - The Hommie Rah)

Yes, EVERYTHING. Gracefull. beautiful, and of course,

The reason for the season.