Friday, March 13, 2009

Secret Lounge Had a Party...

And I had a Blast!

No, Seriously. I had a killer time. Secret Lounge is one of those places that you cant help but have a good time at.

Cool people, great music, and (skrippas) drinks... and (skrippas) and fab decorations, and (skrippas) and really great drinks..

I think they even have a few exotic dancers from time to time -- if you are into that kind of thing :).

Check out the pics below and just let the good vibes marinate ...

And then the people..... and the (skrippas) music!

Ok.. and the Wallpaper..... dont you just love the (Skrippas) wallpaper?

Dirty Martini is Awesome

Really, She is.....

Dirty Martini is Awesome

Vandam at Greenhouse

So, a few weeks back, I had a night off (trust me, its rare) so I decided to hit a club (big surprise). I had heard alot about this part, Vandamn, at this club called Greenhouse. After getting the directions, I kinda freaked out cause I was like, "hey, that's Old/New Shelter".

How happy was I to find out that not only had they done all kinds of renovations to the venue, but its now a spot for those who are naturally visually inspiring.

What do I mean by that? -- Check out the pics.... :)

See what I mean?