Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy B-Day Andre J!

WHatup All!? Lets talk about Andre.

I "Heart" him.
U ain't really gotta ask why. Maybe its because Happiness, Joy, Love, and Excitement ooze from his every pore.

I dunno,
I could take this time to tell you all about how tight we are, and how thats my hommie from way back, and how many wonderful things he does for me (and the world) on a weekly basis... But thats what PAPER, TRACE, and the NY POSTS PAGE SIX is for

All I gotta say is: Andre is LOVE! LOVE U SOME ANDRE!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

U gotta Love Spence & HIRO

Hey Everybody!

YO, this is ya boy, Dex lettin u know that I had a helluva weekend.

But again, I have alot of work to do, so I wont be able to give you the minute by minute of the what happened and when. SO instead, I've enlisted the help of my Hommie (I mean, we go waaaaay back-- dont u see that capital "h"?) John, to hit you with the experience from his perspective.

Soooooooo: Take it away JOHN!

*applause- Applause*

Thanks Dex! I appreciate the love. So... let's get it pumping... Let me introduce myself to all of the people. My name is J. Anthony Trimble (commit that name to memory... you'll be seeing it again -- confident little bugger aren't I? SMILE). I could be considered a storyteller -- a conveyer of events in words and sounds. The one who lives to tell the tale. The person who is somehow inherently tasked with passing the beats, matter if it's voluntary, done in shade or for the greater good. I endeavor to tell the stories in a very authentic way. Stories about love, sex, dating, fashion, spirituality... all with a certain je nais sa qua. My hope is that I can add some quirkiness to Dex's photos and do them justice with my words. And now, without further ado, WELCOME TO THE MASH UP -- a Dex Star G Photos and J. Anthony Trimble collabo!

So Dex calls me up and says that he was going to his friend's house, Spencer, for dinner. He asks me if I wanted to tag along. I said sure. I get the call that he's there and I make my way. I get there and the party is already in full swing. Cocktails, food, lively conversation, board games, herbal libation... yes this was a cute little gathering. A few minutes into it Dex tells me that we are leaving in 15 minutes because we have to go to the city. WE? Okay, great! We head to the city and go to Lotus. Before we entered the club, we met up with Dex's friend Evan (such a freakin cutie)OMG! Lotus was so cute. As we entered the club, they were playing my new favorite song "She ain't got no money in bank, uh..." So that set the mood in motion for the rest of the evening. We peruse around the club and Dex's gets some fantastic shots of people in the club. The one shot that was the kee of life was the one of this black guy and his two girlfriends. When he saw Dex taking pictures, the child lost it. Dex looked like he really wasn't interested in taking money's picture but decided to anyway. The picture came out great but the boy's grin could be described as nothing less than big face. The deejay downstairs was playing the remix of Mary J's classic Real Love (look up in the sky/it's a bird/it's a plane/nope it's Mary J/ain't a damn thing changed). Evan and I were standing on the side getting our grrove on while Dex did his thing. We ended up leaving Lotus and heading for HIRO. Dex takes some shots of us as we are walking to HIRO.

*back to Dex*
And then HiRO was HIRO. It was awesome. Just check out the pics.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Look what I can do

Sup People?

It's ya boi, The People's Photographer, Dex here. FOr the past few months, I've been collaborating with one of my favorite NYC clubs, Lotus. Lotus was my first ""classy joint" when I got to NYC. It gave me everything I needed in club and it still does to this very day.

Man, If you dont know Lotus, then u might just be missing out.

Every Tuesday, we (I say "we" cause I had to fill out a 1099 for them h*es) we have a Burlesque show and some other shyt. THe Burlesque is Hot. The other shyt? Well, I got to chill with Debbie Harry (l;ook for those pics soon) and just recently, the club was filled with half nekkid A|X Underwear models...... Sweet.

Here's a cute lil throwback to my first night workin at Lotus (was it a month or 2 or a year or so? -- my how time flies in Manhattan) Featuring my HOMEBOI and MUSE Andre J.

U GOtta Love ANdre!