Wednesday, September 22, 2010

U Gotta Luv Karen !

Hey Hey Hey, I know I've been gone for a minute, but ya boi has been BUSY doing some things to make 2011 THAT year. But enough about me.... Let's get into my girl Karen. This Miami Mammi is a ray of light. I *heart* her. I heard it through the grapevine that Karen was sitting out Fashion Week and having an intimate dinner at Buddakan NYC to.... celebrate her Birthday!!!! Yes, and you know how much DexStar G loves a good Bday, and so it began. Although I couldn't make it to Buddakan, I did manage to catch up with Karen as she invaded Secret Lounge to party it up with the gay boys for a few. And if theres one thing that you need to know about Secret Lounge, those Beautiful Black men love the some Beautiful Black women.
Such a lady..
and a Boss Chick....
always making moves...

Bellair and Roxy on the sly....

Love u much, Karen. DexStar G is all about u.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Emerald City Mix Tape Party

Welcome to Emerald City!!! On June 1, 2010 on the Lower East Side, my Hommie, Baron, threw a HOT party with a purpose called Emerald City. The night will featured music and performances from some of the top LGBT artist of Urban Music and their Allies. He'd been wanting to put together a party that has everyone involved in the experience. I think he found the answer. Have you've ever been to a Live Mixtape! No! Well baby... u missed out. Being in NYC, i get theoppurtunity to hear alot of live music. Usually, the performers are someone on the Radio, wishing they could be on the Radio, properly styled for MTV/BET, while pimping their product on Itunes. While the Emerald City crew is all of those things, they were also inspiring.
I mean, when can you hear a mid tempo love song sung by 2 sexy men? How about a Battle wrap between a Boss Chick (Hard Lezbian!!!!! *grin*) and a Fashion craving Butch Queen (Gay dude)?
The performances Spoke to me.

She's a Boss

Dy'ari sang and blessed our eyes.

Last.Offence -- OMG

Sir Ben Marx hit us with his Future Sight.

Jesse O wanted to tell us about love.....

Then showed us what Lust is...

Oh Bry'nt

Check out the "fabulous in the essence of Emerald City..

Wait, there's more!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ron.Bell |air.Mugler

Is my Hommie.

Where do I begin? First of all, brotha can dance. When I think "Bellair", images of west African dance, Alvin Ailey, leaps, fan kicks, 6'oclock stretches, cunty catwalk, Katherine Duhnam, Martha Graham, and Debbie Allen...... all within that solid compact tiny lil frame.

Bellair. He has the hugest heart, ya'll. Supportive to his friends. & Friends = Family for him.

People Love him

He's Sexy

& Once you meet him...

You'll be so glad you did. :)

Happy Birthday Ron, You are an angel on this Earth.Thanks for showing me right from wrong - even though , being a Virgo, I'm never really wrong, just misinformed . *wink*

Love you much.

Andre Returns

Lets talk about Andre.

Andre is Light.

Andre is Magic. Andre is Sex.

Andre is Light
is Love.

Andre is Everything.
Andre J is really the reason I ended up on the path of documenting NYC Nightlife. He got me my very FIRST club gig. It was at the legendary NYC spot, Club lotus. He was my very first Muse, and he continues to inspire me with every breath. We've been friends so long that we are Brothers. Both in Art and Love & life. Since landing on the cover of French Vogue back in November of 2007, his life and career have launched themselves up to Super Luminal speeds. From NYC, to Vienna, to London, to Paris. Andre is Universal. We hit up Kiss & Fly in the Meatpacking District (our old stomping grounds) Check out the energy that he brings to the room.

We had a blast that night Celebrating life and love.

U just gotta love Andre J.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tulips and Pansies

Last Thursday, I found myself what I momentarily thought to be a rendition of Alice in Wonderland’s mad tea (hat) party starring all the pretty dantie celebrities and reality stars (courtesy of Bravo of course) of NYC doing hoola hoop tricks and strut the boardwalk repartee. Of course if you were there you’ll know what I mean, cause this lovely and well conceived affair presented by Village Care turned out to be a rather delightful affair which said author hopes a lot of cash was raised to help many of those afflicted with AIDS, homelessness and despair. In short it was an extravagant affair constituting a variety of the city’s best fashion designers and fashion insiders lending their hand to show off some of their latest wares but mostly as Kelly Cutrone would later impress upon me to get help to people who mostly need it, who she reminded me don’t happen to be living in some third world nation but in our very backyard.

Our host for the evening turned out to be an elf, or at least that’s what I thought when TV personality James Aguiar took to the stage looking like a delectable circus ring leader. All that was missing was the swirly moustache, but rest assured the gold shoes, sparkly clothes and over the top glitter was all there. As he implored the girls (at some point some of the girls turned into drag queens- but what do did you expect at James’ tea party kids?) to strut the plank guests abound cheered and gushed as fantastical designs corroborated by ostentatious head (hat?) wear topped each look off.

Iight, but on the real. The highlight of MY night

was meeting the one and only Pat Cleveland.

She is EVERYTHING. (Everything? - The Hommie Rah)

Yes, EVERYTHING. Gracefull. beautiful, and of course,

The reason for the season.

Monday, March 29, 2010

That Time I got Drunk at the Leather bar.

Dear D.D.,

I know Im a little late sending this letter, but BAAAAYBEE... ya cuzzin has been busy.
Hew's things back in ATL? Last we spoke yo u was headed down to Cypress St to drop off ya roommate so that he could make up that back rent? That is what you said, right? I couldn't hear you that well cause I was trying to avoid this Jehovah's Witness Crack head who was $5.00. When I asked him why hes chargin for a free magazine designed to spread the word..... he told me, "If a train fare is $2.25, and a trip to Philly is $10.00 on the bus, how much do you think that a trip to Heaven costs? Help a Brotha out.... "

So some of ya message might have gotten lost. I'm writing you this letter to tell you about the time I stepped out of my comfort zone and had a crazy good time.
About 2weeks ago, NYC had a monsoon. Normally when it rains up here, its more like a sprinkle / heavy drizzle for an hour or two and a gray sky for the rest of the day. Well, not on this day. It rained and it poured and it was raining and the streets was flooded... you get it...
But it was a good day, because I got called into a job shooting a book cover. THe original photographer that they had lined up canceled on them (tsk tsk tsk, shame shame shame - R. Pelzer) . And they thought ehough to call on good ole reliable ME :)

During the shoot, i had gotten a txt from my hommie, DJ, saying that he was actually DJ'ing at a bar downtown. I Decided to go and show a little support to the brotha (Cause he always has my back)

Well, D.D. ... THe bar ended up being RAWHIDE.
I know you are like, "Whats that?"
Rawhide is a Leather Bar. Like "Tom of Finland" not "Wilsons"> A mess.

Now I like a nice leather jacket like the next brotha, but I have to personally draw the line at harnesses and whips. You will not beat me.

I was expecting a dark, dirty, dungeon of a place. Full of manacled , mustachioed men wearing chaps and no underwear. Instead, i found a room full of gauntlet wearing, mustachioed men, with the biggest brightest smiles and possessed of the warmest hearts.
And it was the very first Mr. Rawhide Pagent. Funny how I always find myself at a party.

And there was a Dog!Well, The pageant went down like any other pageant. There were four contestants who represented various aspects of the Leather community. They had an interview portion, a fetish wear portion, and something else... i forget, cause BABYYYY... those have to be the friendliest bartenders of all time.

Four Massive Jameson and cokes later... and .. well....
Check it out.

After all was said and done, DJ and I braved the Monsoon and 8th Ave, to

drunkenly stumble down to the L train to head on home. We held each other up

by leaning our shoulders together. But we made it. :)

Next Time, I'll tell you about that time at the club when they found a dead rat.

Ya Cuzzin in NYC,


Monday, March 15, 2010

To: My Play Cousin

This post is for my play cousin down in Atlanta, GA, Drama Dupree. As you guys may or may not know, I am the House Photographer at this really hot party. Well, its THE hot gay party on a Friday here in NYC. It's called the F Word. It'd pretty awesome. People ask me all the time, "What is the F*Word?" I always say "Fun" but you know, I was informed by the creator of the party that it is indeed FUCK. Imagine that. Because of the F Word, my Friday nights are spent surrounded by Go-Go Boys, Juggling and Singing Drag Queenz, Fire Breathers, Escorts, Alcoholics in Skimpy clothes, and of course, Camera Whores. Perfect.

This is one zany crowd. You think it's a game? Wait until I put up the pics with Poor Ben, the dead rat.

More to come very very soon. Thanks to my buddy, Jorge, in DC, hooking me up with thay rockin laptop.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Everything is Better with a bit of Amanda


Amanda Lepore. Icon. Legend. Sex Kitten. Sweetheart. The Girl Next Door to the Brothel/Rehab Clinic. M

And a very chill person.

Amanda came by the F*Word @ Club Rebel, this past friday to shake it up and sprinkle a little kink-juice on those that came to play.


As always, EVERYTHING is better when you ad a taste of Ama
nda to it.

Check her out.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Pic of the Moment.

I mean, dont you wish you were there?

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Fword. Part 1

It wasn’t until around midnight that the dance floors on both levels of Chelsea’s Club Rebel started to fill up (we’re pretty sure the sexy Latin go-go boys and $3 Stoli happy hour kept people distracted early on). For the first time this year, the weekly F Word Party, hosted by Mark Nelson and Michael Formika Jones, brought all walks of gay life together. Around 12:30am, we saw familiar faces (Amanda Lepore,Cazwell) assemble upstairs like old friends arriving at a dinner party—partly to schmooze, mostly to pose for photos.

You gotta Love Formika and Mark Nelson for going OFF and bringing nightlife back to NYC.

Check out the images below for more F*antastic F*ckery!

Rebel is @ 251 West 30th street
21+ over
This and Every Friday.....

More F* word to come.