Monday, December 18, 2006

Keisha Be Doin Some Hair!

Whatsup People?

Today, we celebrate the creativity, versatility, durability, and str8 up HOTNESS that is the Black hair care industry. & You cant talk about Black hair without talkin about Black women.
Black women are Amazing. All women are amazing, but my sisters of the African Diaspora are so effortlessly AWESOME that people often forget, or choose to ignore just how difficult it is to be a Black woman in this day and age in America.

Whether the hair is fried, dyed, coiffed, or simply natural, takes some serious skill and creativity to come up with some of the works of art that black women call hairstyles.

I first met Keisha a few weeks ago, and I could tell from the start that she had those skills. She was also kind enough to display them for me.

Lets pull back the curtain and get a small glimpse into her majic.

Monday, December 04, 2006


.... Is my Friend, Hommie, Fogg Baron, and most importantly, a Renaissance Woman. & My Barber. Remember when I said that I've been getting to shoot some pretty girls? Well, Candace is one of them. You gotta Love Candace.

Oh yeah.. She's the Hotness.

Ever wonder what happens whe you get DexStarG, his Camera, A Hot Black Woman, and too much Fogg in one room? Well, uhm... Just look...