Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sneak Peek

Whatup folks? Here's a sneak peek of some things that I have comming up this week. Right now, the pics might not make much sense, but think of them as teasers to whats to come.

I really aint got much to say today, just given filling in the spaces. And to the folks at that spot who kept insisting that me wearing suspenders = postitute.

Not every Black man with his shirt off is for sale. Some of us have careers, and maybe even a Degree or two. Keep wishing.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The weekend

Yo, I went out this weekend.
Did I have fun? Sorta.
What did I do? Stuff.
Did I meet anyone interesting? Yes.
Will we hang out again? No (I'm not as tolerant of very pretty petty thieves as I used to be).

Did I get hit on? No, I never get hit on, Im too big. I get flirted with, usually in the most cautious and coy-like way possible.

Do I have any pictures? Yeah, but do I really want to show them? Nah....maybe later.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I bet you couldnt tell her nuthin that night.

Back in Jan. of 2003, Star Jones Reynolds attends the We Are Family Foundation ceremony at the China Club in New York. You know how you call ya peoples to talk about the Who, What, When, Where and What the fuck you are gonna wear to whatever event u might be going to? This is how I imagine the convo went between Star and her friend....

I bet she was like "Girl, yes. FUR, ALLLLL around the collar. Yeah chile, I got them to double up them layers to hide 2 of my chins. Im gonna be sharp! Whats that? What you say? whats the rest of the dress made from? Girl, Spandex, what else?

What 'chu say? Am i gonna make it through the ceremony? Yes, bitch, i'm bringing a lunchbox! Don't worry, i got protien bars and vitamin water in it... you know im tryin to get ready for my surgery...."

and then she was like..

"Im a lawyer!" - (Thnx Anon2.0!)

Back when she could sing

Yeah, she fell off.

But way back when.... she could sing. So lets forget about the granny thongs, wonky plastic surgery, and the fact that she sounds like a drunken autistic. Instead, lets sit back with a cool glass of [insert "get right" here], and reminisce about when she sounded like this.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lest I forget, Leke.

The French Can't Catch a break....

So, yeah. Sunday, I was in the mood to go for a walk in my hood. I figured, since I have taken up blogging, and since my blog is really about showing pics (and gettin in practice, ya'll) I figured I'd take my camera along.

yeah... well, first and last stop was this chill lil place down the street from me by the name Habanna Outpost. As I walked up, i noticed that there was a crowd at the restauraunt next door. A quaint lil French place, Cafe Lafayette, had World cup fever. France vs. Italy.

So there was a crowd, that spilled out into the street.
And who did I spot while I'm walking downt the street? None other than Lisa herself (lower left hand corner. Good times.

Well, for the folks not too invested in the game (that would be me), it was kind of hard to muster up this kind of emotion DexStarG loves beautiful people, but not when they are sad. I was like, the Algerians are pissed. We'll, I guess she had a reason. Yeah, down and out *blah* = boring. So went off and took some pictures of the folks. Do i feel like writing about everything that went down? nah..

Check out the pics and come up with your own scenerios....


Weekend Snap Shots

Friday, my girl Lisa hits me up and was like "Dexter, come with me to here my boi spin".

ok *shrug*

We go to this spot in the LES. It was cool, but I forget the name of it, but it was right next to this club I keep hearing about from my caucasian associates -- uhm, Eastern Bloc?. Anyway, it was str8 and the Dj's were GREAT. The host of the night, DJ Equal was a really cool dude. He hooked me up with a free (and much needed) t-shirt, AND he got skills on the 1's & 2's (do people still say that?)

And not only is he down with the SK3, but he's also down with the ladies alsoI made some friends (Canadians are HOT), Lisa made some Friends (Argentinians are Cool). My girl Z. was in effect, and kept my spirits high all night. And of course we was jammin.

I had got stuck around 4:20 (ya feel me?) so I wasn't feeling real School House Rock, but here are some pics from the night. enjoy!

ok... enough about that...

I went to a really cool house party in Williamsburg on Saturday, met alot of chill folks, but I forgot my camera-- so no pics for you. *cue sad music*

buuuuuuut, I did happen to be in a "Beautiful Brooklyn" mood on Sunday, so I took a walk in the hood.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Maintainence Day

Wassup ya'll?

I'm starting to get the hang of this layout thing, but i still need a little help with some really basic shyt. Like, uhm... how do you put links on the side of the page and all that junk? Wait, I jsut figured it out.

Anyway, I'll be adding pics and posts all weekend in order to make the site look like something. So if you guys know of any HTML savvy web designers who wouldnt mind hookin ya boy up for free.....


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I know I'm late...

I went to my girl SooJin's crib for the Holiday. As you can see, I was gettin my Lindsey Lohan on. It was fun. I met a ton of cool people. Really great company, terrific conversation. There were some artists in the room and we got to peep their shyt. Mostly rap/ hip hop - underground type shyt.

I made a few friends also. This one chick was like my twin cousin or somethin (you know, like play cousin that you resemble and share common interests). He name was GiGi and she officially made my muthafvkin night. We chilled, talked, she cussed me out a few times (some people jsut dont like gettin their picture taken *shrug*), yeah... we bonded. She was tellin me about her recent adventures backpacking through Thailand.

Thats right, Thailand Bitches.

Overall, despite the rain and the fact the the very ideals that we were attempting to celebrate days are numbered her in the land of ours.... I had fun.

More pics below.