Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Calgary, Canada? Really?

Manny Goes Gonzo

Manny G. is AWESOME


THe White Party Cruise.

Go Go

& but of course.......

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gary 49 & Dangerous Muse

Whatup Bitches!?

So, it was like 3 weeks of hell. My camera died on me. The shutter button became unresponsive despite my best efforts. The worst part about it, was that it happened on a shoot.

The clients were understanding and allowed me to reschedule. The poblem was, that because parts had to be ordered, it took 3 weeks at a cost of ($TooDamn.much) to get it repaired.

But whatevs. All's well that ends well. :)

But you know that the first opportunity that I had to shoot something, I jumped right on it.

Enter Gary 49, Amanda Lepore, Lady Fagg and Dangerous Muse.

Lady Fagg sent me one of her infamous "La La's" saying that this group Dangerous Muse would be performing at Gary 49 that Friday. I figured that I need some practice since I'd not been in the cut for almost a month. Therefore, I went specifically to shoot shoot shoot my love all over that crowd.

IT was fun.

The band, Dangerous Muse, was AWESOME.

Everyone-- from the lead singr, to the roadie, to the Fans.... were increadibly awesome.

Check out the pics from the show :)

Special Thanx to Michael E Cummins -- Holla!

Friday, July 03, 2009


My second Muse ever. My first Muse, Andre J, introduced me to Trey when we were hosting at Club Lotus NYC. Well, he was hosting, I was working as the Resident Photographer *stands a little taller* My favorite thing about Trey is, he threw me my first ever B'day party. My 30th was at Marquee. Very chic. Extreemly fun. There were celebs and people and models and best of all - a cake.

I *heart* Trey. Check out one of our impromptu photo shoots. I think we had left the Heatherette party, and went to go smoke? -- I think? Well, anyway.. It was awesome. Trey is Awesome.

while I prep the Heatherette pics, check out some images form a night with Trey. Everything seems better whenever he's around.

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People believe what they see, and they buy what they believe.

I Took Some Mushrooms

For real, It was Awesome. It was liek being in a video game. I saw all kinds of wierd shyt. Donkey Kong, Mario, Luigi....... I mean Everyone.

There was this laser that kept beaming happy thoughts into peoples minds. Every time it locked onto someones good vibes, it pumped even happier vibes into their brains. So many happy people.

I even saw the Princess Mushroom herself. She's a trippy Royal, but hella cool. We took a walk on a rainbow together an even shared a ride on a comet after the party.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Im on a BOAT!

Uhm.. what time is it? Im jsut waking up , and... where are my undies? Shyt, Tuesday mornings are the worst sometimes.

Wait a minu
te. What'chu say? Its THURSDAY?

Damn, Geigh Pride was festive. I didnt go to the parade, but I did go on a BOAT! with Pat Fields no less. I had a blast.

Check out Chris Miller, Amanda Lepore, Daniel Nardico and the rest of that coo - koo crew doing there thing down below.

Ok , no seriously.. Pat Fields did it again this year. I would bore you with all of the festive details but I was paid alot of money by one person in particular to keep my mouth shut. I WILL however bless you with a few pics.