Friday, July 03, 2009


My second Muse ever. My first Muse, Andre J, introduced me to Trey when we were hosting at Club Lotus NYC. Well, he was hosting, I was working as the Resident Photographer *stands a little taller* My favorite thing about Trey is, he threw me my first ever B'day party. My 30th was at Marquee. Very chic. Extreemly fun. There were celebs and people and models and best of all - a cake.

I *heart* Trey. Check out one of our impromptu photo shoots. I think we had left the Heatherette party, and went to go smoke? -- I think? Well, anyway.. It was awesome. Trey is Awesome.

while I prep the Heatherette pics, check out some images form a night with Trey. Everything seems better whenever he's around.

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