Thursday, July 02, 2009

Im on a BOAT!

Uhm.. what time is it? Im jsut waking up , and... where are my undies? Shyt, Tuesday mornings are the worst sometimes.

Wait a minu
te. What'chu say? Its THURSDAY?

Damn, Geigh Pride was festive. I didnt go to the parade, but I did go on a BOAT! with Pat Fields no less. I had a blast.

Check out Chris Miller, Amanda Lepore, Daniel Nardico and the rest of that coo - koo crew doing there thing down below.

Ok , no seriously.. Pat Fields did it again this year. I would bore you with all of the festive details but I was paid alot of money by one person in particular to keep my mouth shut. I WILL however bless you with a few pics.


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