Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Half "Muthafvkin" Nelson...

Is a hoot and a half. Seriously folks. A really cool character. We hung out here and talked all about nothing and totally everything. From Obama to MoMA. Totally cool. Totally fun. I'm so gonna have an eye out for OneHalfNelson the next time I'm rockin it out.

Do I need to say why? Like, on the real.... for really real. For REALLY real real. I'm so so serious right now. *grin*

Mr. Black to the Future III

Gee wizzz..... What a frikkin party! I had a blast. So it went like this. I started missing my nightlife family from Lotus NYC and was wondering, "where had all the fun gone?" Well, at the Paper Magazine Awards, Tubway was voted the BEST GAY PARTY for 2008.

I was like,..... uhm.... and wh
y am I not there?

So I went, and I had a Blast (with a capital "B"). First off, DJ Nita, Roze Black, DJ GANT.... Artiste...... oh-M-G.

And of course, my buddy - everysince the moment I met her- Lady Fagg. Everyone was turning it out, actin a fool and just being fun.

Yeah. FUN. I mean, what party have you been to in NYC (lately) where the promoters (and not just the crowd) was generally -- Fun?

Mostly, people want to be so important that the only vibe that they can give off is "over it" or " reat-2-go".

Not this crew....

I mean, they were groovin and movin and dancin to the beat....

Me like-y. Me Love-it..... Me can't wait to go again.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

And Before I forget.... Halloween08 NYC

Ah... Halloween. I went to this club - well, a lounge, call Secret. It's in Chelsea on 29th Street in an area we affectionately call "Club Row". Why? Cause every street has a , uhm, row of clubs on it. Anyway--- I am not really a "lounge" kind of guy. The Peoples Photographer usually leans toward clubs that give a bit of Sodom with a dash of Gomorrah with alot of flashing lights. You know, Studio 54 in the new Millennium. Feel me?

Well, Secret, is more of a SECTION in a club that I like. But I forgot that all I really need to have some fun is $, music, and a ton of happy people being happy. Secret had all of that.

Check out the people, their costumes, and those hella fresh (yes, "fresh is back in use") and those

custom wall papered walls.

I had fun! ant you tell from the pics? Drop me a comment or two and let me know what you think.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Gala

OK, people said that Janet Jackson would be attending the Thurgood Marshall College Fund annual awards dinner at the Sheraton. I was all ready to Rock with Her, and get my Rhythm Nation on, but Janet couldn't make it because she was under the weather. Whatevs... Nia Long was there (lookin good and being a Lady), along with my good buddy Malik Yoba. Dude from Spawn (Michael Jai White) and them Tyler Perry movies that I like so much was there also. OH... AND Sharon Leal ( the chick from Dreamgirls and the new Bernie Mac / Samuel L. Jackson movie) came. She was classy classy classy.

The vibe was great and the night was right. OH YEAH>>.>>>>> April Woodard is the BOMB. I love to see her anytime I'm working a red carpet event (and ya boy is NOT a red Carpet photog. It takes alot of polite begging and and crispy $$$ for me to even consider it.). One of my Favorite actresses, Kellita Smith (you know, Bernie Macs wife on the show) was there to encourage the youngsters to stay in school and generally -- Obama. Ya feel me? I had fun. Cant you tell from the pics?

Where were You in '92?

1992 The Party is AWESOME.

The grapevine has been buzzing about this party for awhile about how cool/crunk/bout-it and generally hype it is.

After putting it out in the Universe that "I would like to check it out" and the Universe responding by introducing me (at the most random of times) to the 2promoters that run it, I decided to stop on by and see for myself what 1992 The Party was all about.

I was not disappointed.

I'd like to give a shout out to Oscar Wild and Vashtie Kola for extending the invite and showing me such a great time.

CAIN (if you're Able)

YO.... SO I kept hearing about how Cain had this big renovation and how crunk it was, and how if I was anybody I'd be there....

SO I went.

AND HAD A BLAST! OMG, i cant even begin to tell you how hot it was.... But due to the flowing vodka of Andre J (and the crazy pouring skills of my girl, Lady Fagg) I cant seem to remember enough of the evening to accurately describe it in words.

Good thing I had my camera :)


Ok, Maybe I can say one or two things about it.

1. The Drummer was hot, and the dancers were Hotter.

2. Everything is better with a taste of Amanda.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Man Have I been Busy. First, Adam had a party. Then, I went back to 1992. THEN ya boy hung out with Nia Long and Malik Yoba honoring a scholarship named after the first African American Supreme Court Justice. And for real.... Halloween.

But FIRST :: Gwen Verdon.