Monday, November 03, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Man Have I been Busy. First, Adam had a party. Then, I went back to 1992. THEN ya boy hung out with Nia Long and Malik Yoba honoring a scholarship named after the first African American Supreme Court Justice. And for real.... Halloween.

But FIRST :: Gwen Verdon.


angel said...

WOW!, This is like the second time homegurl choreographer took someone else dance moves. I hope homie is giving people their proper credit. Ya'll been had, took, bamboozled Full circle baby.

PS: I saw your photo's on Bleu magazine. They are phenomenal! Do you have one of the cameras that have rounds lights attached with the actual camera in the middle? How did you get them lit so well and still in the moment. Great work!

New to your page

Dex Star G | The Peoples Photographer said...

Hello Angel!

I think you are talking about a RIng Flash. I dont use those (they are cool tho). Ring Lights are generally for eliminating shadows in the pic. I like my shadows. :)