Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mr. Black to the Future III

Gee wizzz..... What a frikkin party! I had a blast. So it went like this. I started missing my nightlife family from Lotus NYC and was wondering, "where had all the fun gone?" Well, at the Paper Magazine Awards, Tubway was voted the BEST GAY PARTY for 2008.

I was like,..... uhm.... and wh
y am I not there?

So I went, and I had a Blast (with a capital "B"). First off, DJ Nita, Roze Black, DJ GANT.... Artiste...... oh-M-G.

And of course, my buddy - everysince the moment I met her- Lady Fagg. Everyone was turning it out, actin a fool and just being fun.

Yeah. FUN. I mean, what party have you been to in NYC (lately) where the promoters (and not just the crowd) was generally -- Fun?

Mostly, people want to be so important that the only vibe that they can give off is "over it" or " reat-2-go".

Not this crew....

I mean, they were groovin and movin and dancin to the beat....

Me like-y. Me Love-it..... Me can't wait to go again.



Nita said...

Thanks DEX, we look Gorgeous & CUNT!

Dex Star G | The Peoples Photographer said...

You guys rock..... now tell stuart to hit me up so that we can take over the world! :)