Friday, February 29, 2008


Dont you wish you were there?

Last week, the party continued on at Plush NYC. It was my very first time at that venue. I ihad heard alot of things about it. Good things. Nothing I had heard had prepared me for the fun & sweat that greeted me when I came through the doors.

Rain sleet or snow? None can stop a HotBoyz party.

Happy Bday Rahim!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Marco Hall Spring 2008 Fashion Show

It was hawt, ya'll. Marco Hall is not only an incredibly talented designer, but 1 hell of a dancer, and a really cool guy. Usually I see his clothing while looking at the crowd below as I ride the disco ball. All the "it" girls and boys-who-like-girls-clothing posture, dance, and ooze an air of fabulocity in his clothes. Wildly patterned chiffon creations adorn them, and they love him for it.

I luv me some Marco because he is a bugg-out and I consider him a friend.

get into Marcos' show.

Everything is Better with a Taste of Amanda

Amanda Lepore is my homegirl. You know, like Jesus. I mean, she doesnt turn water into wine, or feed the masses on fish and bread, but she's totally that chick that'll wake the dead and never have I ever heard or seen her cast the first stone.

She's really cool.

See how Awesome Amanda is in the slide show below. Also included in this slide show are Andre J and Muthafvkin Jonte' ! All pics were taken at the Marco Hall Spring 2008 Fashion Show... More from that later.