Tuesday, August 26, 2008

U Gotta love Nikki

So my girl stopped by for fogg and convo, before she had to hit it and go to work. She was working at this bar and wanted to know what her outfits were looking like - and the mirror just wasn't giving her what she needed. Out came the camera and the rest is history.....

Then I walked her to the train. It was fun... cant you tell?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FIre Island Black Out.

So, look. All us geigh blk folks decided to rush Fire Island. Its become a tradition of sorts. Events are organized. Fun is had. It even has a name. Fire Island Black Out. Except for the trip out there (which isn't so bad -- its just long. And then u have to catch a boat.-- yes nighe- a boat.)
It was cool. I got me a speedo ("Werd." - Da hommie Rah) cause uhm... i got a hot hot body. *grin*. I did feel like an Old New Orleans Hoe put out on the stroll..... I didn't hate it.

Hanging out most of the day, making a few new friends, and gettin foggy in my shades and hoe-fit is what I call a good time.

YO.. can we take a second to give it up to my hommie Tyshawn. He so Hawt. In fact....*looking for them Tyshawn pictures - puttin back the ones that Mamma wouldn't like*

Let's talk about it. I had a great time. I aint gonna bore you with stories of siditty New York City Black Faux Society (but the stories I could tell -- them outfits alone...).. just check out me and my peeps chillin and enjoying the day--- Like the good Cosby Kids that we are. Oh yeah.. and i was Dancin withe Evelyn again *wink*

For realz...

*all photos that appear on this blog are credited to ME: DexStar G | The Peoples Photographer

Thursday, August 07, 2008

More of Lamar and Friends

Just Cause....

Sha Hotboy and Friends

Sha Hotboy. What can I say? How to describe him. Sometimes I tell peoples he's like a better looking version of me if I were a lil bit more sociable and alot less even tempered. :) Sha is cool. He's a party and events promoter, a HotBoy, and a Downtown Socialite. He's like a force of nature and he will eat u.

Check out Sha and some of the HotBoy crew. Friends, Parties, Liquor, and memories.


U Gotta Love Lamar - NSFW

Lamar is my buddy, and he's Awesome. I first met Lamar waaaay back in 2000(?). Ossining, NY. Home of the famous Sing Sing Correctional facility. Lamar lived up hill and around the corner from Sing Sing. You had to walk through the prison parking lot to get from the Metro North station to his house.

I remember the snow. The blizzard, I mean. I remember being stuck in Ossining by 12 inches of snow and no way to get to the Metro North Station cause it was like... snow to my kneecaps.

I remember just hangin out with Lamar till the Metro North started running again. I tied trash bags around my feet and lower legs cause I didn't want to ruin my shoes and jeans.

Now, its a million years later and Lamar is not only one of the hottest go-go boys in NYC, but he's also doing porn. Seriously. He told me so himself. I didn't' really get into the details, because, you know, there's only so much that one can be doing in a porn. And the REALLY interesting stuff, I don't wanna know about.

But ain't he talented?