Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FIre Island Black Out.

So, look. All us geigh blk folks decided to rush Fire Island. Its become a tradition of sorts. Events are organized. Fun is had. It even has a name. Fire Island Black Out. Except for the trip out there (which isn't so bad -- its just long. And then u have to catch a boat.-- yes nighe- a boat.)
It was cool. I got me a speedo ("Werd." - Da hommie Rah) cause uhm... i got a hot hot body. *grin*. I did feel like an Old New Orleans Hoe put out on the stroll..... I didn't hate it.

Hanging out most of the day, making a few new friends, and gettin foggy in my shades and hoe-fit is what I call a good time.

YO.. can we take a second to give it up to my hommie Tyshawn. He so Hawt. In fact....*looking for them Tyshawn pictures - puttin back the ones that Mamma wouldn't like*

Let's talk about it. I had a great time. I aint gonna bore you with stories of siditty New York City Black Faux Society (but the stories I could tell -- them outfits alone...).. just check out me and my peeps chillin and enjoying the day--- Like the good Cosby Kids that we are. Oh yeah.. and i was Dancin withe Evelyn again *wink*

For realz...

*all photos that appear on this blog are credited to ME: DexStar G | The Peoples Photographer

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Sasha said...

oh i wish i were a gay man.