Friday, September 12, 2008

Jaslene - She Deserved to WIN!

Yeah! -- After spending another Fashion week with Jaslene "The Peoples Champ" Gonzalez, I am convinced that she is one of the few winners from Americas Net Top Model that deserved to win.

She is Perfection.... And, Oh hellz yes, she is as friendly as they come. Never once didn she pop an attitude or diva fit backstage. She also had luv for everyone who had luv for her (especially su ginte Espanol!) I like this girl.

Check out some images of Jaslene doing her thing at the Jose Duran SS09 Fashion show in NYC.

She eats it by breathing (That's queens english - so if you don't know what that means, go find your local neighborhood tranny and ask for a translation :))

Jose Duran SS09

Jose Duran is like ---- Awesome. Seriously. His shows are always amazing and the clothes are a mix of the future and the romantic past. This years show had "amputee/replaced limb" theme. I can dig it. The one thing that keeps me consistently appreciative of Jose is that he allows artists to be themselves. Being able to just do my thing (with those exact instructions) is how I have come to establish myself as "that guy" when it comes to Fashion week/show photography. My style has grown from the encouragement of Jose and people just like him. Check out his work.

More of Jose and his Models Deluxe (the man knows how to pick a model).

I Luv Me Some Niecy Nash!

I really do! Niecy Nash is so frikkin funny, that it dont make no sense (yes, common language has been used.. so what?). I have died laughing at some of the roles she has played and the lines that come out of her mouth in every scene on "Reno 911"Check out the photos of her that I took at the B Michael Show.

The best part about seeing her in person is that she looked great, smelled great, and had a very kind and approachable demeanor. She didn't dissapoint this fan!

Check out some of the pics o Mrs. Nash

Quit Playin!

She is that Awesomeness.

B Michael SS09 - U gotta love him!

B Michael launched his first couture collection in 1999 and, as with his approach to millinery, his designs exuded a glamorous clean aesthetic.

In 1999, B Michael became a member of the CFDA, and in February 2003, the designer partnered with Wayne Demar to form DM Fashion Group, a company dedicated to marketing and furthering the B Michael brand.

Always willing to take on new challenges, he is a guest lecturer at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology and serves on several charitable advisory boards, including New Yorkers For Children and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

He has shown his collection twice in Beijing, China. He has recently signed a handbag licensee to debut in Spring 2004. He also the Fashion Director for one of the country's sportswear collections,

This go round, I was booked by celebrity hair and make-up artist Yousef Williams to show his beind the scenes work making the girls look their best.

It was Awesome. Yousef and his team did an amazing job creating a "pretty mess" with the models hair. The styles reminded me of Amy Whinehouse ("minus the crack, right" -- The Hommie Rah).

My friend Berlin (AKA RON) was there. He's the one that hooked me up with the gig (GO RON!) --- Check him out doing his thing.

Overall, I had a great time and the models were gracious, classy, and beautiful. B Micheal is that Legend!