Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Whatup C & D?

Man oh man, These Holidays.

First the Fat Boyz break up, then I had to make some uneccessary moves for work, then my super fast second hand laptop died a blue death, and I got identity thefted (second time this year) leaving me $4.00 in the bank till I got up in the Bank and the CC Company & the online retailers ass that let it happen.

FYI: Dex does not shop @ WalMart.com ---

In between all this, Ive been trying to get y hustle on with these pictures/ master photoshop (it IS the debil), and try not to go all Joan Clayton over the fact that Im 29, kinda phine, and single (Waaah waaah)

But I am blessed. I mean, as stressed as I kinda am, my issues aren't impossible ones. People still smile when they see me comming. Plus, I like the fact that I'm blessed enough that people think about me when I'm not around.

PLus, I get to take pictures of Pretty girls ... More to come.