Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jonte : Bitch You Betta

Quit Playin! Muthafvkin Jonte was in at Shelter?! You mean, Beyonce's Homeboi/ Choreographer/ Freakum Dress Fit Model?

Hold up, "Snap for the Kids" Jonte? THE Jonte? Every Friday, Bleu Magazine and the Hot Boyz throw the hottest party in NYC for The FAM ( you know what I mean by "The Fam" - Dex Star G). I mean, if Jonte' took time out from hangin with the Queen, to get his rythmic socializing on with us, the you KNOW its when - what - how & Where you need to be.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paris Vogue + Andre J = Fabulostic Future

Hey you guys! U already know how I feel about Andre. He's a big ball of sunshine and Christmas rolled into one. He is currently featured on the cover of French Vogue (Paris, not Homme) and has the distinction of being only the SECOND black male to grace their cover. The first being Diddy. But as much as we love Diddy's hustle, we admire Andre's drive even more.

Andre J has been taking the fashion world by storm. His recent French Vogue cover and fabulous lifestyle has everyone talking. A few nights ago, we celebrated his continued success (with out the least bit of jealousy) at Runway. Michael Musto (Village Voice), Malcolm Harris (Mal Sirrah), DJ Cassidy, Codie Rovioli, Oneal McNight, and De La Vega were just a few of the celebrated hosts and guests.

Oh yeah, JONTE Turned it out. :)

Enjoy the show.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hey Hey Hey

A few weeks back I went for a walk with my peoples to visit some friends of theirs. Of course nothing is simple in NYC. When we walk, its through a neon or concrete jungle. When we visit, its usually in our friends 200+ year old building or their high rise facilility - which could propbably hold the combined populations of My family towns in south Texas ( Big shout out to Cuero, Refugio, and Sweeny - Holla!). So I present to you a few pics of us visiting . Enjoy!

Oh, and drop a bruh a comment or two to let me know you stopped by :)

Friday, November 16, 2007

U Gotta Love Nathan "7" Scott

Nathan has been my homeboy for awhile now. I keep forgetting to invite him to brunch or dinner or the movies cause I always bump into him all the freakin time. It's like we're co-workers or something. :) Nathan Scott is amazing. He has his own blog and I could go on and on and on about how he is the most charismatic interviewer, or how his energy is always a welcome boost, or how perfectly salacious all his inkworthy one liners are...... but I have pictures to edit, and they arent gonna distribute themselves :) Blow are some shots of Nathan at work. I know its not video (comming soon) But u gotta love how THe Peoples Photographer tells a story. Holla :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Chill Halloween

Well, first I went to a few loft parties. Then I hit a few Clubs.

I wish I could show u more, but my editor (oh yeah, did I mention that I have a book comming out?) says that I should hold back and hit you with the HARD stuff when u can properly admire it.