Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paris Vogue + Andre J = Fabulostic Future

Hey you guys! U already know how I feel about Andre. He's a big ball of sunshine and Christmas rolled into one. He is currently featured on the cover of French Vogue (Paris, not Homme) and has the distinction of being only the SECOND black male to grace their cover. The first being Diddy. But as much as we love Diddy's hustle, we admire Andre's drive even more.

Andre J has been taking the fashion world by storm. His recent French Vogue cover and fabulous lifestyle has everyone talking. A few nights ago, we celebrated his continued success (with out the least bit of jealousy) at Runway. Michael Musto (Village Voice), Malcolm Harris (Mal Sirrah), DJ Cassidy, Codie Rovioli, Oneal McNight, and De La Vega were just a few of the celebrated hosts and guests.

Oh yeah, JONTE Turned it out. :)

Enjoy the show.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Fabulous!!! Your pics, the people in them, and of course Andre!!
I have that vogue laid out on my coffee table. Now waiting for the one YOU shoot!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sexy Dexy!

I had the honor of running into Super Andre on the street in Chelsea dn he is a FUCKIN DIVA! I love him so much! I love these pics, too. You are really doing your thing with the photography! Keep up the great work!