Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DECO | Bleu Magazine and The Hotboyz

What up my people! Bleu and the Hotboyz have done it again.

It all started at Lobby. Remember that? Then they brought you Culture Shock at Culture Club. Then it was off to Shelter for NY LIVE.

Now Bleu Magazine and the HotBoyzNYC are doing it at Club Deco.

I digs it. There's something about sweaty black people that screams Party!

Check out my Girl Lola in the lead pic. I love it.

Hey yo! The party was and is off the hook every Friday night at Deco. Stop by, we'd love to see u. Especially if you are celebrating a B-day. Mission one will always be to have some Fun.

Club Deco is Located at 95 Leonard in NYC
A few blocks south of Canal off Broadway


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bleu Magazine

Bleu Magazine is a celebration of the urban man and his experiences, as expressed through fashion, entertainment, culture and music. We are a conduit for self expression and change for our readers who are trying to define and love who they are and what they aspire to be. Bleu entertains, inspires andmost importantly affirms the lives of its readers while encouraging them to be authentic members of their society and the world.


Oh yeah, and I'm their official Field Photographer. Let's make it hot Guys.

Check out some of the Pics from their Two Year Anniversary.

I love that

Much Love to the Bleu Staff and POCC for continuing to achive new heights in multimedia production and reporting on the issues that concern and affect the community as a whole.

You gotta love Bleu!

Monday, July 07, 2008

When I Grow Up....

A looong long time ago, I used to sit in my desk at GMB Turner Elementary and I used to wonder what I would do when I got to be my moms age. Its funny some kids wanted to be Firemen, or cowboys. Some wanted to be Doctors, or lawyers. There were even a few in my neighborhood who wanted to be Michael Jackson.

Me? I've always wanted to be a Game Show Host.


Ive been Alot of things. Ive been in Management. Ive been in Middle Management. Ive been in Operations. I've even played music professionally.

Now? I take pretty pictures of fun people and folks pay me for it.

I recently worked a big party sponsored by two really big companies.

It was fun. Keyshia Cole performed, Kanye West's Fiancee (or ex fiancee), Alexis showed her designs (hot) and it was awsome. I kept looking around the room and askin myself "is this what she/he wanted to be when they were a little kid?"

A little wierd, I know.

The best part?

Hangin with all the chicks from Americas Next Top Model. Seriously....

Be careful what u wish for cause u just might get it. :)