Monday, July 07, 2008

When I Grow Up....

A looong long time ago, I used to sit in my desk at GMB Turner Elementary and I used to wonder what I would do when I got to be my moms age. Its funny some kids wanted to be Firemen, or cowboys. Some wanted to be Doctors, or lawyers. There were even a few in my neighborhood who wanted to be Michael Jackson.

Me? I've always wanted to be a Game Show Host.


Ive been Alot of things. Ive been in Management. Ive been in Middle Management. Ive been in Operations. I've even played music professionally.

Now? I take pretty pictures of fun people and folks pay me for it.

I recently worked a big party sponsored by two really big companies.

It was fun. Keyshia Cole performed, Kanye West's Fiancee (or ex fiancee), Alexis showed her designs (hot) and it was awsome. I kept looking around the room and askin myself "is this what she/he wanted to be when they were a little kid?"

A little wierd, I know.

The best part?

Hangin with all the chicks from Americas Next Top Model. Seriously....

Be careful what u wish for cause u just might get it. :)

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