Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DECO | Bleu Magazine and The Hotboyz

What up my people! Bleu and the Hotboyz have done it again.

It all started at Lobby. Remember that? Then they brought you Culture Shock at Culture Club. Then it was off to Shelter for NY LIVE.

Now Bleu Magazine and the HotBoyzNYC are doing it at Club Deco.

I digs it. There's something about sweaty black people that screams Party!

Check out my Girl Lola in the lead pic. I love it.

Hey yo! The party was and is off the hook every Friday night at Deco. Stop by, we'd love to see u. Especially if you are celebrating a B-day. Mission one will always be to have some Fun.

Club Deco is Located at 95 Leonard in NYC
A few blocks south of Canal off Broadway


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