Friday, May 30, 2008

MY HIRO - Columbus Day Edition

1rst off. DO you know that MYSPACE killed my page. Right after I uploaded thease very pictures.

No warning. Just *Poof*.

Myspace, *middlefinger* x2.

Iight, back to the bloggin.

By now, you all know that the HIRO Ballroom is my fav spot to throw down in. I love her. She loves me.

Check out some of the fun that we all had this Memorial Day Weekend. It was a blast.

Highlights included : Andre J (of course), Amanda Lepore (luv u much), Jonte showing up as a sexy kitten Pikachu, Sir Ben Marx bringin skinny boys back in style, and of course.... boyz boyz boyz.

Dancing Boyz, Nekkid Boys, Nekkid Dancing boyz......

yeah.... I lub me some HIRO. And the staff is off the chain. Especially the Coat Check dudes.... :)

OH!.... And a fierce Hot Tranny Mess..... *wink*

Angels in New York

So I was leaving from doing my thing at SPLASH with G Xtrava --- when it happened.

First... a bit about Angels.

An angel, in my understanding, is a messenger of God. God speak s to us through them. Often, Angels are so overwhelmed with the the voice of God, that they can come across as disjointed and a little "off".

People call them Crazy. I say just listen, and u will hear the truth.

Dex Star G is an Angel Magnet.

It happens all the time. I can be anywhere doing anything, and more often than not, some guy/girl will walk up to me and start talking about.... uhm...... anything. Usually a topic that I am wholly knowledgeable about, but which is so far removed from my thought process, that I am usually taken aback by its conversational nomination.

Example: Green Haired, glassy eyed, Norwegian Rastaa with a "^^The Man/The Legend" shirt and blue teeth: "Man, I keep falling, and I don't know why. It's those damn Smurfs. U aren't friends with any Smurfs are u? Man, I keep falling"

This is Me: " No, I don't know any smurfs. Your Shoe Laces are untied, BTW"

Rastaa: "Dude, I keep falling. Do you have a smoke? Thnx. I hate falling down. Maybe if I tie my shoelaces...."

The lesson: If you don't tie your shoelaces, u are bound to trip and fall. Amen.

I bumped into Scott on my way to Union Square to catch the train. He asked for a smoke, then started telling me how that night was about "clarity" and "focus". We walked, and talked and shared and then I caught the train.

Scott is Awesome.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

U Gotta Love G Xtravaganza

I luv me some G Xtravaganza. I could go on and on about how he is a GREAT and CONSTANT inspiration to me. I could write an epic omnibus swathed in praise and incourageable dedication to his qualities as a muse.

MY muse.

I *Heart* G Xtravaganza. He is Awesome.

Pics below from your average Tuesday night. I Went out to grab some convo (and tequila) and there was G in in "Eco/Green Chic".

He's Awesome

Friday, May 02, 2008

Dont Let the Smooth Taste Fool You

Look at her. Just look at her. Movin and groovin to some kinda funky beat. All bass lines and guitar riffs... or uhm, Bass lines and syncopated rap lyrics... or uhm... u get it. :)

Yup, Mr Wesson did it again. The silen rave in Union square was the deal. I dug it. Hundreds of NYU Students, NYC steet folk, and me just a movin and roovin to our own funky beats.

Iposd, Zunes, MP3 players provided the music. It was like having your own pesonal DJ on a communal dancefloor.


Check out the images from the party and revel at the joy and delight that it NYC at night.