Friday, May 30, 2008

Angels in New York

So I was leaving from doing my thing at SPLASH with G Xtrava --- when it happened.

First... a bit about Angels.

An angel, in my understanding, is a messenger of God. God speak s to us through them. Often, Angels are so overwhelmed with the the voice of God, that they can come across as disjointed and a little "off".

People call them Crazy. I say just listen, and u will hear the truth.

Dex Star G is an Angel Magnet.

It happens all the time. I can be anywhere doing anything, and more often than not, some guy/girl will walk up to me and start talking about.... uhm...... anything. Usually a topic that I am wholly knowledgeable about, but which is so far removed from my thought process, that I am usually taken aback by its conversational nomination.

Example: Green Haired, glassy eyed, Norwegian Rastaa with a "^^The Man/The Legend" shirt and blue teeth: "Man, I keep falling, and I don't know why. It's those damn Smurfs. U aren't friends with any Smurfs are u? Man, I keep falling"

This is Me: " No, I don't know any smurfs. Your Shoe Laces are untied, BTW"

Rastaa: "Dude, I keep falling. Do you have a smoke? Thnx. I hate falling down. Maybe if I tie my shoelaces...."

The lesson: If you don't tie your shoelaces, u are bound to trip and fall. Amen.

I bumped into Scott on my way to Union Square to catch the train. He asked for a smoke, then started telling me how that night was about "clarity" and "focus". We walked, and talked and shared and then I caught the train.

Scott is Awesome.

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