Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calli Carvajal's Greenhouse

Wow. The Christmas / Chanukah's (with a "C" yall) / Kwanzaa / Zoroastrian Leap Year/ New years!.... I see now why the powers that be at Hallmark put out that card entitled "Seasons Greetings!"

I had a hellafied
weekend. SOOOOOOOO fuckn much webnt down. Some of it so exciting that I had to put Ruby Mae to the side for a lil bit and jsut party that gloomfest we called 2009 AWAY.

Sidenote: Wasnt 2009 like that Semester of school when your Parents got divorced, your dog died, House got robbed, sister got pregnant, and your grandmother came to live with you --- Benson
Hedges Menthol 100's and all?

OK... so Some of the next few postings arent gonna be in order, but WHO CARES....

Starting with one of my favorite muses.......... Calli Carvajal

What can be said about Calli other than "Damn ma... you hot"? ALOT! Her bio says that : "Calli Carvajal was born and raised in San Francisco to a family of artists and dancers. Through her family she beg
an working on stage and behind the scenes at a very young age. Her love for hair design came early in life as she was already styling wigs and dying her friends and families hair by the age of 12."


But the real heat happens when you see her
in person and can feel her love. Check out Calli doing Calli During the Vandam Party @ Greenhouse (Hosted by Susan Bartsche and Kenny Kenny)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

This Cracked Me Up To NO End

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Fab Are Those Shoes?

Uber! Right? Quit playin baby. You know you wish you had some hand painted, open toe, stiletto pumps to float around in on a Wednesday night.

I know some trannies who would sell their left testicle -- or um.. Chesticle just to try them on.

THis night was a special one for me because at first, it seemed like it was gona be Me, Jackie, Va Nilla, and Ryan holdin it down. The wind, the cold, the RAIN...... So much rain. Like one of them Nor'Easters that you hear about. Yo, that would have been cool too. Especially with DJ Ryan McKnight spinning the and dishing the ovahness that we have come to love him for, but the crowd did not dissipation us at all.

One by one. Two by two, group after group started walking through the door. The best part? They were determined to have as much fun as we were determined to entertain them.

Check it out for yourself :)


Give Thanx That Its Happening

OMG.... THis night was great. I've never been one much for the holiday, Thanksgiving. I always had so many er - uhm.. experiences related to the holiday. But I must say that Birdie Black and the Crew at the Hudson started this Thanksgiving off in the best way. At the stroke of midnite, we carved the Thanksgiving Vodka, and toasted to good times in the Library Room at the Hudson Hotel. Awesome? Yeah!

BTW, there is this pool table that is evidentaly older than the constitution and upon which the Virgin Mary used to change the Baby Jesus' diapers on. Everytime anyone even LOOKED at that pool table, the Maccabee in charge would threaten Damnation and Holy Retribution upon those who transgressed against its holy presence.

Yeah.... A pool table... Billiards and balls...... in the Hudson Hotel.

Imagine that?

Birdy Blacks Bday Bash

Birdy Black (Miss Jackie to me) is Awesome. Yes, with a capitol "A". Every since I've met this wondrously wonderful woman earlier this year, she has been a constant and uplifting joy on my soul. Yes, bitches - my SOUL. Anyway. Dex Star G , Big Brother to all and Nightlife's favorite Geigh Uncle Is naming today (and just today) "Birdy Black Day" First on the agenda? Well, uhm... how about some images from Jackie's Birthday Bash!? What do you get when u mix Super Promoter Jackie, her cast of nightlife bandits (to which I am a proud member) and the beats beats beats.... ?? A rockin good time.... ( Ok, Dick Clark - The Hommie Rah) The part of the party shown here was held at Mr. Black NYC, the legendary dance den and ultimate party hole (*hee hee* - I said hole)

Anywho.... The party was awesome. Besides the usual not so usual attendees, Miss Jackie had a special surprise guest or two. The best kind by the way... Her Parents!
How lucky is she! I mean, I have hung out with my mom. She's very Claire Huxtable, so even though she has done her time in every Gayboi disco den fro Houston to L.A, we have never partied together. But Jackie's mom and pop came out to the club to help the fruit of their loins do the damn thing. Speakin of which. Jackie is always saying how her mom is beautiful. After meeting her, I must say that she most definately is Inside and out! Check her out in the pic below.


So let me stop rambling. Its so frikkin early. Check out some more of the images from Jackies B'day bash.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OUTmusic Awards 2009

Check out Kevin Aviance and DJ Nita Aviance whooping it up at the OUTmusic Awards 2009. Joy, love, and unity filled Webster Hall that night. It was a great thing to see all the people that came out to support Out (not closeted) artists and musicians do their thing.

This was a night filled with electricity. Everywhere u turned, there was something new to be amazed at, an old friend that you hadn't seen in a million years, and reasons upon reasons to smile. And the music was good also.

Kevin Aviance was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award bout the people at OUTmusic. He deserved it. He is Awesome.

Check out some of the images from the even below. I had a blast.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Men Are From Mars

Oh yeah... NY STATE SENATE.... Fuck u.

Fvck U, FVk YEW, FVck You and YOU and Ya mammas too.

Ok. During the Thankgiving weekend, I was invited by my FAVORITE Client (James Saunders) to go and shoot his party at Rebel. Great, right? Good music (hip hop) hot dudes (fuck you Senate), and a chance to chill with the hommies. Well, when I got there, Rebel had pulled the okie doke and tripple bookled the venue. This forced The Men R From Mars crew to have to find a new spot to throw their party -- LAST MINUTE.

Enter Promenade.

I'd neve been there, and it was a cool lil crowd. I couldnt stay tho, cause -- uhm---- where was the man with my money? *giggle*

anyway... here are a few (Fvck You Senate) shots (*middle finger*) from the time I was there.

Fuck the NY State Senate

Fuck'em Fuck'em Fuck'em

And in honor of that horrific vote today I just feel the need to Gay it up. ALOT. So DexStar G will be returning to its roots for the moment. Decadent and debaucherous nightlife. Presenting..... Americas Next Top Top Finals held at Detox on the Lower East Side (now u cant get any more debaucherous than that unless you were at a mixer for new interns on Capitol Hill.... unless you were like, Client #9 .)

Held a few months ago, these images were from the finally to a multiweek contest to find the TOP Top man in NYC. Although I have my own opinion on what the qualifications should be for said title.. I didn't show up till the END! SO I'll leave it to the professionals and jsut accept that said winner was the toppiest of the tops in attendance.

Either way, it was a Blast.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

OUTmusic AWARDS 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

But This - By far is my ALL TIME Favorite

Family Guy is that crack

Its so wrong,

But it cracks me up ev'er'y time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Metrosource 20th Anniversary Party @ Greenhouse

One day last week, my hommie, D.A., asked me if I wanted to hit this party at Greenhouse with him. Greenhouse is THAT hot club, but I was jsut there o Sunday (as usual) and wasnt sure if I wanted to do a double (i.e. hitting the same venue twice in one week).

Monday.... Tuesday... The day that came after Tuesday.....


D.A. says to me "You wanna go to this party?" I was like... "Might as well"

We went and the shenanigans began.

Turns out that the party was the 20th Anniversary celebration for MetroSource Magazine. Painted boys, and girls, and mock covers everywhere. I had a blast....

Check out D.A. and I... tossed. Why? Cause there was an open bar on Absolut Vodka. ALl kinds. All mixes. I had to get my "Drunk Uncle" on.

The Night was many many many things. Just look at the pic. Overall, BEST PARTY OF THE WEEK!

hmmm... I might have to do something with that. "Party of the Week" let me know what u think.

One more thing.....

I love Greenhouse.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

THe Happening at the Hudson Hotel

Miss Jackie has a Party (with a capitol "P") at the Hudson Hotel every Wednesday night.

It Rocks. The sights, sounds, and people make it a definite Hump-day Hotspot.

It is many things at the moment. Bankers, hot girls and bouncy boyz make up the scene.. Which is good. Cause I miss Bankers. Investment and Fee Robbers both. Since they dissapeared, who buys all the models drinks?

Check out some of the images of the night.


& of course, the song of the night...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Malik's Greenhouse

Its kind of like Pee Wees Playhouse but alot less vulgar. :) Check out some of the images from you typical sunday night at the Vandam party housed at the chic, new NYC hotspot, Greenhouse.

This is one of my Favorite parties. And its hosted by Susanne Bartsch.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

"Madame, they are rioting because they have no bread to eat." said the Courtier,

"Then let them eat cake" - Marie Antoinette.

Ah, the wealthy. The elite. Those that keep the NYC art scene moving.

Me loves it.

This event was beyond awesome. from the Decorative cakes made to look like Aluminum, and couches and....

What about the topless girls serving cake? You had to have a password to be fed..... yes, FED. No touching :)


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Paper Magazine + Svedka Vodka + Dex Star G = Mr. Black doing somehting.

First and foremost, let me say, I LOVES ME SOME HALLOWEEN!

Ok, Back to the get up and go.

I ran down to Philly for a gig, and hightailed it back to NYC for Hween. Mr. Black was hosting an event for Paper Magazine and Svedka Vodka and I was all "Sweet"

After arriving a few hours late, with a few cocktails in my system, my entourage convinced me to take a few pics.

The lights were cool, the people were determined to have fun, despite the weather and glitz-shade.

I HAD A ROCKIN GREAT TIME> But Mr. Black has that kind of effect on you. FUn fun fun.

Check out the pics below. :)

OH, Did I mention that The ASS was back in town! Yes, he came by to grace us with is great vibe and uber cool energy. I likey -- check him out down below!