Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Fab Are Those Shoes?

Uber! Right? Quit playin baby. You know you wish you had some hand painted, open toe, stiletto pumps to float around in on a Wednesday night.

I know some trannies who would sell their left testicle -- or um.. Chesticle just to try them on.

THis night was a special one for me because at first, it seemed like it was gona be Me, Jackie, Va Nilla, and Ryan holdin it down. The wind, the cold, the RAIN...... So much rain. Like one of them Nor'Easters that you hear about. Yo, that would have been cool too. Especially with DJ Ryan McKnight spinning the and dishing the ovahness that we have come to love him for, but the crowd did not dissipation us at all.

One by one. Two by two, group after group started walking through the door. The best part? They were determined to have as much fun as we were determined to entertain them.

Check it out for yourself :)


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