Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birdy Blacks Bday Bash

Birdy Black (Miss Jackie to me) is Awesome. Yes, with a capitol "A". Every since I've met this wondrously wonderful woman earlier this year, she has been a constant and uplifting joy on my soul. Yes, bitches - my SOUL. Anyway. Dex Star G , Big Brother to all and Nightlife's favorite Geigh Uncle Is naming today (and just today) "Birdy Black Day" First on the agenda? Well, uhm... how about some images from Jackie's Birthday Bash!? What do you get when u mix Super Promoter Jackie, her cast of nightlife bandits (to which I am a proud member) and the beats beats beats.... ?? A rockin good time.... ( Ok, Dick Clark - The Hommie Rah) The part of the party shown here was held at Mr. Black NYC, the legendary dance den and ultimate party hole (*hee hee* - I said hole)

Anywho.... The party was awesome. Besides the usual not so usual attendees, Miss Jackie had a special surprise guest or two. The best kind by the way... Her Parents!
How lucky is she! I mean, I have hung out with my mom. She's very Claire Huxtable, so even though she has done her time in every Gayboi disco den fro Houston to L.A, we have never partied together. But Jackie's mom and pop came out to the club to help the fruit of their loins do the damn thing. Speakin of which. Jackie is always saying how her mom is beautiful. After meeting her, I must say that she most definately is Inside and out! Check her out in the pic below.


So let me stop rambling. Its so frikkin early. Check out some more of the images from Jackies B'day bash.

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