Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Give Thanx That Its Happening

OMG.... THis night was great. I've never been one much for the holiday, Thanksgiving. I always had so many er - uhm.. experiences related to the holiday. But I must say that Birdie Black and the Crew at the Hudson started this Thanksgiving off in the best way. At the stroke of midnite, we carved the Thanksgiving Vodka, and toasted to good times in the Library Room at the Hudson Hotel. Awesome? Yeah!

BTW, there is this pool table that is evidentaly older than the constitution and upon which the Virgin Mary used to change the Baby Jesus' diapers on. Everytime anyone even LOOKED at that pool table, the Maccabee in charge would threaten Damnation and Holy Retribution upon those who transgressed against its holy presence.

Yeah.... A pool table... Billiards and balls...... in the Hudson Hotel.

Imagine that?

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