Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fuck the NY State Senate

Fuck'em Fuck'em Fuck'em

And in honor of that horrific vote today I just feel the need to Gay it up. ALOT. So DexStar G will be returning to its roots for the moment. Decadent and debaucherous nightlife. Presenting..... Americas Next Top Top Finals held at Detox on the Lower East Side (now u cant get any more debaucherous than that unless you were at a mixer for new interns on Capitol Hill.... unless you were like, Client #9 .)

Held a few months ago, these images were from the finally to a multiweek contest to find the TOP Top man in NYC. Although I have my own opinion on what the qualifications should be for said title.. I didn't show up till the END! SO I'll leave it to the professionals and jsut accept that said winner was the toppiest of the tops in attendance.

Either way, it was a Blast.


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