Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calli Carvajal's Greenhouse

Wow. The Christmas / Chanukah's (with a "C" yall) / Kwanzaa / Zoroastrian Leap Year/ New years!.... I see now why the powers that be at Hallmark put out that card entitled "Seasons Greetings!"

I had a hellafied
weekend. SOOOOOOOO fuckn much webnt down. Some of it so exciting that I had to put Ruby Mae to the side for a lil bit and jsut party that gloomfest we called 2009 AWAY.

Sidenote: Wasnt 2009 like that Semester of school when your Parents got divorced, your dog died, House got robbed, sister got pregnant, and your grandmother came to live with you --- Benson
Hedges Menthol 100's and all?

OK... so Some of the next few postings arent gonna be in order, but WHO CARES....

Starting with one of my favorite muses.......... Calli Carvajal

What can be said about Calli other than "Damn ma... you hot"? ALOT! Her bio says that : "Calli Carvajal was born and raised in San Francisco to a family of artists and dancers. Through her family she beg
an working on stage and behind the scenes at a very young age. Her love for hair design came early in life as she was already styling wigs and dying her friends and families hair by the age of 12."


But the real heat happens when you see her
in person and can feel her love. Check out Calli doing Calli During the Vandam Party @ Greenhouse (Hosted by Susan Bartsche and Kenny Kenny)

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