Thursday, December 03, 2009

Men Are From Mars

Oh yeah... NY STATE SENATE.... Fuck u.

Fvck U, FVk YEW, FVck You and YOU and Ya mammas too.

Ok. During the Thankgiving weekend, I was invited by my FAVORITE Client (James Saunders) to go and shoot his party at Rebel. Great, right? Good music (hip hop) hot dudes (fuck you Senate), and a chance to chill with the hommies. Well, when I got there, Rebel had pulled the okie doke and tripple bookled the venue. This forced The Men R From Mars crew to have to find a new spot to throw their party -- LAST MINUTE.

Enter Promenade.

I'd neve been there, and it was a cool lil crowd. I couldnt stay tho, cause -- uhm---- where was the man with my money? *giggle*

anyway... here are a few (Fvck You Senate) shots (*middle finger*) from the time I was there.

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