Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Paper Magazine + Svedka Vodka + Dex Star G = Mr. Black doing somehting.

First and foremost, let me say, I LOVES ME SOME HALLOWEEN!

Ok, Back to the get up and go.

I ran down to Philly for a gig, and hightailed it back to NYC for Hween. Mr. Black was hosting an event for Paper Magazine and Svedka Vodka and I was all "Sweet"

After arriving a few hours late, with a few cocktails in my system, my entourage convinced me to take a few pics.

The lights were cool, the people were determined to have fun, despite the weather and glitz-shade.

I HAD A ROCKIN GREAT TIME> But Mr. Black has that kind of effect on you. FUn fun fun.

Check out the pics below. :)

OH, Did I mention that The ASS was back in town! Yes, he came by to grace us with is great vibe and uber cool energy. I likey -- check him out down below!

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