Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Metrosource 20th Anniversary Party @ Greenhouse

One day last week, my hommie, D.A., asked me if I wanted to hit this party at Greenhouse with him. Greenhouse is THAT hot club, but I was jsut there o Sunday (as usual) and wasnt sure if I wanted to do a double (i.e. hitting the same venue twice in one week).

Monday.... Tuesday... The day that came after Tuesday.....


D.A. says to me "You wanna go to this party?" I was like... "Might as well"

We went and the shenanigans began.

Turns out that the party was the 20th Anniversary celebration for MetroSource Magazine. Painted boys, and girls, and mock covers everywhere. I had a blast....

Check out D.A. and I... tossed. Why? Cause there was an open bar on Absolut Vodka. ALl kinds. All mixes. I had to get my "Drunk Uncle" on.

The Night was many many many things. Just look at the pic. Overall, BEST PARTY OF THE WEEK!

hmmm... I might have to do something with that. "Party of the Week" let me know what u think.

One more thing.....

I love Greenhouse.


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