Monday, November 17, 2008

Thurgood Marshall College Fund Gala

OK, people said that Janet Jackson would be attending the Thurgood Marshall College Fund annual awards dinner at the Sheraton. I was all ready to Rock with Her, and get my Rhythm Nation on, but Janet couldn't make it because she was under the weather. Whatevs... Nia Long was there (lookin good and being a Lady), along with my good buddy Malik Yoba. Dude from Spawn (Michael Jai White) and them Tyler Perry movies that I like so much was there also. OH... AND Sharon Leal ( the chick from Dreamgirls and the new Bernie Mac / Samuel L. Jackson movie) came. She was classy classy classy.

The vibe was great and the night was right. OH YEAH>>.>>>>> April Woodard is the BOMB. I love to see her anytime I'm working a red carpet event (and ya boy is NOT a red Carpet photog. It takes alot of polite begging and and crispy $$$ for me to even consider it.). One of my Favorite actresses, Kellita Smith (you know, Bernie Macs wife on the show) was there to encourage the youngsters to stay in school and generally -- Obama. Ya feel me? I had fun. Cant you tell from the pics?

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