Monday, July 10, 2006

Weekend Snap Shots

Friday, my girl Lisa hits me up and was like "Dexter, come with me to here my boi spin".

ok *shrug*

We go to this spot in the LES. It was cool, but I forget the name of it, but it was right next to this club I keep hearing about from my caucasian associates -- uhm, Eastern Bloc?. Anyway, it was str8 and the Dj's were GREAT. The host of the night, DJ Equal was a really cool dude. He hooked me up with a free (and much needed) t-shirt, AND he got skills on the 1's & 2's (do people still say that?)

And not only is he down with the SK3, but he's also down with the ladies alsoI made some friends (Canadians are HOT), Lisa made some Friends (Argentinians are Cool). My girl Z. was in effect, and kept my spirits high all night. And of course we was jammin.

I had got stuck around 4:20 (ya feel me?) so I wasn't feeling real School House Rock, but here are some pics from the night. enjoy!

ok... enough about that...

I went to a really cool house party in Williamsburg on Saturday, met alot of chill folks, but I forgot my camera-- so no pics for you. *cue sad music*

buuuuuuut, I did happen to be in a "Beautiful Brooklyn" mood on Sunday, so I took a walk in the hood.

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LibraGurl said...

Fun times :-)