Monday, March 29, 2010

That Time I got Drunk at the Leather bar.

Dear D.D.,

I know Im a little late sending this letter, but BAAAAYBEE... ya cuzzin has been busy.
Hew's things back in ATL? Last we spoke yo u was headed down to Cypress St to drop off ya roommate so that he could make up that back rent? That is what you said, right? I couldn't hear you that well cause I was trying to avoid this Jehovah's Witness Crack head who was $5.00. When I asked him why hes chargin for a free magazine designed to spread the word..... he told me, "If a train fare is $2.25, and a trip to Philly is $10.00 on the bus, how much do you think that a trip to Heaven costs? Help a Brotha out.... "

So some of ya message might have gotten lost. I'm writing you this letter to tell you about the time I stepped out of my comfort zone and had a crazy good time.
About 2weeks ago, NYC had a monsoon. Normally when it rains up here, its more like a sprinkle / heavy drizzle for an hour or two and a gray sky for the rest of the day. Well, not on this day. It rained and it poured and it was raining and the streets was flooded... you get it...
But it was a good day, because I got called into a job shooting a book cover. THe original photographer that they had lined up canceled on them (tsk tsk tsk, shame shame shame - R. Pelzer) . And they thought ehough to call on good ole reliable ME :)

During the shoot, i had gotten a txt from my hommie, DJ, saying that he was actually DJ'ing at a bar downtown. I Decided to go and show a little support to the brotha (Cause he always has my back)

Well, D.D. ... THe bar ended up being RAWHIDE.
I know you are like, "Whats that?"
Rawhide is a Leather Bar. Like "Tom of Finland" not "Wilsons"> A mess.

Now I like a nice leather jacket like the next brotha, but I have to personally draw the line at harnesses and whips. You will not beat me.

I was expecting a dark, dirty, dungeon of a place. Full of manacled , mustachioed men wearing chaps and no underwear. Instead, i found a room full of gauntlet wearing, mustachioed men, with the biggest brightest smiles and possessed of the warmest hearts.
And it was the very first Mr. Rawhide Pagent. Funny how I always find myself at a party.

And there was a Dog!Well, The pageant went down like any other pageant. There were four contestants who represented various aspects of the Leather community. They had an interview portion, a fetish wear portion, and something else... i forget, cause BABYYYY... those have to be the friendliest bartenders of all time.

Four Massive Jameson and cokes later... and .. well....
Check it out.

After all was said and done, DJ and I braved the Monsoon and 8th Ave, to

drunkenly stumble down to the L train to head on home. We held each other up

by leaning our shoulders together. But we made it. :)

Next Time, I'll tell you about that time at the club when they found a dead rat.

Ya Cuzzin in NYC,


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You seem to have the best times. And yes you heard correct, I was headed out to drop my roommate off on Cypress... honey bills are always due. So you failed to mention about all the hot leather clad men who were hitting on you. I know you cousin, I know how our family rolls in a room full of naked men... lol.

Well, I really enjoyed reading about your leather experiences and i cant wait til the next letter.

With much love,


p.s. those pics... I swear they are going to get me into some trouble... ha ha ha