Friday, June 04, 2010

Emerald City Mix Tape Party

Welcome to Emerald City!!! On June 1, 2010 on the Lower East Side, my Hommie, Baron, threw a HOT party with a purpose called Emerald City. The night will featured music and performances from some of the top LGBT artist of Urban Music and their Allies. He'd been wanting to put together a party that has everyone involved in the experience. I think he found the answer. Have you've ever been to a Live Mixtape! No! Well baby... u missed out. Being in NYC, i get theoppurtunity to hear alot of live music. Usually, the performers are someone on the Radio, wishing they could be on the Radio, properly styled for MTV/BET, while pimping their product on Itunes. While the Emerald City crew is all of those things, they were also inspiring.
I mean, when can you hear a mid tempo love song sung by 2 sexy men? How about a Battle wrap between a Boss Chick (Hard Lezbian!!!!! *grin*) and a Fashion craving Butch Queen (Gay dude)?
The performances Spoke to me.

She's a Boss

Dy'ari sang and blessed our eyes.

Last.Offence -- OMG

Sir Ben Marx hit us with his Future Sight.

Jesse O wanted to tell us about love.....

Then showed us what Lust is...

Oh Bry'nt

Check out the "fabulous in the essence of Emerald City..

Wait, there's more!

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