Thursday, May 27, 2010

Andre Returns

Lets talk about Andre.

Andre is Light.

Andre is Magic. Andre is Sex.

Andre is Light
is Love.

Andre is Everything.
Andre J is really the reason I ended up on the path of documenting NYC Nightlife. He got me my very FIRST club gig. It was at the legendary NYC spot, Club lotus. He was my very first Muse, and he continues to inspire me with every breath. We've been friends so long that we are Brothers. Both in Art and Love & life. Since landing on the cover of French Vogue back in November of 2007, his life and career have launched themselves up to Super Luminal speeds. From NYC, to Vienna, to London, to Paris. Andre is Universal. We hit up Kiss & Fly in the Meatpacking District (our old stomping grounds) Check out the energy that he brings to the room.

We had a blast that night Celebrating life and love.

U just gotta love Andre J.

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