Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy B-Day Andre J!

WHatup All!? Lets talk about Andre.

I "Heart" him.
U ain't really gotta ask why. Maybe its because Happiness, Joy, Love, and Excitement ooze from his every pore.

I dunno,
I could take this time to tell you all about how tight we are, and how thats my hommie from way back, and how many wonderful things he does for me (and the world) on a weekly basis... But thats what PAPER, TRACE, and the NY POSTS PAGE SIX is for

All I gotta say is: Andre is LOVE! LOVE U SOME ANDRE!


ms-eerie said...

Uhmmm...the collision that happens when Andre's sinewines crashes into his cuntiness is truly mind absolutely boggles the, BAM!

MIA Shawn said...

Andre is killing hoes 1 photo at a time. On the real, his legs are sick, I'ma need to know his exercise regimen.