Friday, September 15, 2006

A Lovely Day

I'd like to send a special shout out to all my Bloggers and Bloggettes out there. If you look to the right of this post you'll notice something, that I dont have any of my special people listed in the "links" section. Well, its time to change that. So to all my people out there who want to be seen and linked, hit me up in the comments section of this post and drop your blogg addy and a brief description. Also, if you are both Crunk + Disorderly, make sure that you let me know. I just wanna make sure that we are kept close knitt (get it Saun? Close KNITT *giggles*).


Oh yeah. Dex wants YOU to put him to work. I notice that alot of people are both curious hungry for a piece of NYC. With the cost of airfare and hotels now days, its kinda hard for the average Joe (or Jolinda) to make it here. Let me be your eyes.

DexStarG will go on walks for you. Document every turn, and even do a photo essay on the destination location.

To start off, holla at me with a destination or an activity that you hear us NY'ers do and I'll go shoot it. Curious about Blo
omingdales? Sacks 5th? The VIllage? Dramatic Cunts? Puerto Ricans? I dunno... anything from Sex and the City? Let me know and I’ll work it out to get you some views.

Don’t know where to begin? Use
THIS MAP of the NYC transit system to start yaself off.


JaySpice said...

Yeah, Yeah, JaySpice in the house. My blog is mostly personal thought. I was trying to make it a book review blog but so far I have only reviewed 2 books.

Keena said...

hey dex sexy..i'm comin back to NY in feb and i'm finally 21 *chicken noodle soup dance* and i wanna check out a good neo-soul, laid back kinda club(sp?). i'll most likely be stayin in the times square area again but i'll be all over.. any suggestions?

thx in advanced...

H-Town Gyrl said...

Hey dex!

My addy is:

My blog is like Seinfield - a blog about nothing, and I like it that way.

Anywho, how about a picture documentary on Central Park for your little sis? I've always wanted to see that. Houston is about to start building a park downtown, but I'd like to know what NY's looks like. I also want to see the type of people that hang out there.


ParisCali said...

Hi Dex,

I don't have a BLOG, but I wanted to some more CALI LUV to ur blog once again.


H-Town Gyrl said...

BTW...this is old, but I totally meant to put HAPPY B-Day! In your comments section Wednesday...but I actually had to work when I got to work. Damn, damn, dammmmnnnn!

Saun said...

"close knitt" - That's why I heart you!

Of course you can add my blog to the list .

I'm gonna try and come up with a list things I want to see in the NYC. Everytime I've visited I've never made it out of Manhattan so this would be nice.

dareal_aka_alex2.0 said...


"Quarter Life Crisis"


brooklyn bridge
some bombed out buildings in da bronx
sylvia's soul food exterior(interior if possible)
exterior apollo theatre
125th (shot from above-panning from one end to the other)
the lennox ave bar from shaft and the chicken place from belly
and...the building from the opening credits of the jeffersons

Yeah, I said it! said...

lol@dramatic cunt. johnny mcgovern said that and i was like WTF lol

i have ALOT of questions as i might be making my way to NY..god say the same.

Ninjagirrl said...

I'm Crunk, I'm disorderly, don't have a blg but hell you already know whats in my head.....
uh...can I come walk with you, I can jet blue for $69 bucks each way from my spot, and you know I am the amtrak queen.... here is a list of things I want to see when I come crash on yo couch:

the fogspot
the club (the good ones, where I can get my party on, hear good music, and maybe see some dramatic cunts)
somewhere I can get some Brown stew
the fogspot
the village
fuck nutsacks5th, take me where the deals are
the roof of your place (it looks like fun)
the fogspot

Carla said...

I'd love to be included in your links. My blog is and it's pretty much my thoughts on everything but it's a lot about visual art. I'm a Crunk & Disorderly regular (though I'm not nearly as witty as you, Julia, ninjagirrl, etc., so I don't post) and you're one of my favorites.

And who coined "dramatic cunt"--was that you? I love it so much I just used it in a grant application!

Regarding NY, I like the small observations. Just show me what you see.

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

Oh Dexy how I heart you! I love that photo of you. I'd be your "beard anytime. *sniggle*. I LOVED the Times Square shots. I would love to see more photos of the "hood" since you don't see that portrayed much in the media (don't get mugged taking pics though lol). Since we both have a passion for fashion, I'd like to see photos of people who don't conform to fashion rules but yet look fly as hell, NYC is known for that.

Ticia said...

Hey Dexy!!!

Diesel 15 checking in.....
I hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

Dex, I'm coming to NYC in Feb to see the Color Purple for my big 30th. Could you recommend some clubs and eating spots if you please. Thanks.


Yama said...


Thanks for offering to post our blog spots. Mine can be found at Its a semi-autobiographical look at the life of a BAP.

Oh, I'm also a Crunk and Disorderly stan. You guys have me dying, usually with tears streaming down my face. I haven't posted a comment yet because I'm afraid I'm not as witty and hilarious as everyone else but I'm sure I'll work up the nerve soon enough.


Anonymous said...

wow imagine finding dex* from houston... nice blog man.

aries said...

Hey Dex

Me blogg is jhoobby doo.It's about the goings on in South Africa. Stumbled across your blog thru a link from Rodonline- Really dig it.