Monday, August 07, 2006

THe Weekend again....

Yo, I know I've been Slackin on my pimpin, but here goes... This weekend Started off pretty chill. My girl, GiGi stopped by to drop off my Dave Chappelle Season Two DVD box Set. But what I dont understand is, how she gonna hold onto it and still not watch the infamous "Rick James" Episode? All my lil jokes be lost on her (u like my Ebonic, huh?) No Haircut, no shave... Rent got paid, so no no $. Hence nuthin but the freebee events for me this weekend. Starting with THe Neighborhood Block party. More on that later.

GiGi bounced, Prev popped up, and we hit the streets. Prev couldnt find his metro card, which didnt matter because we didnt have a destination. That is, Until Blajon called. Blajon is one of my most favoritest peoples in the world. I've know him forever and now we are neighbors. I heart Blajon.
Anyway, he hipped me to some Black Gay Pride events. I had my camera, so I was like... lets do it.

This Blog is all about beautiful people. I don't get to shoot half the beauty that I see in the day, mainly because people assume that every camera is darksided, and every photographer is Al Queda(sp?) Walking through beautiful - but gentrified- Ft. Green BK was a treat. The weather finally broke and it was pleasant out.
Prev and I mixed and mingled in the park and then ran ito this HAWT sistah just lounging (looking good, feeling casual), so of course I had to take her picture. I liked her. She introduced me to a fantastic woman and Author by the name of
S. Stephens who wrote a book by the name of "Am I My Sister's Keeper?" It looks good. More pics of S.Stephens and the Fam below. Click for the bigger version.

Aiight lil Hommies, That's it for now. More pics to come.


dugla said...

thumbs up on the deep deep v neck t shirt

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said... have a clef DAMN SEXY!!!

The pic of the chocolate sista with the fro is gorgeous, she's soooo pretty. I love all the photos actually. Dude in all-black looks so much like Avant, I had to do a double-take. I can't wait to see more photos!!! Next year I'll be standing beside you while you snap photos at Pride. How many phone numbers did you cop Dex? Inquiring minds wanna know? lol

Dex said...

Yes Julia: That girls was Beautiful. Absolutley beautiful. She was their with that author promoting that book. The Ladies definatly represented this year. I got 1 phone number and through it away. The n*gga tried to make me work for it... me? work? 4 a number? so I tossed it. :)

Saun said...

Look at all that delicious man candy. I know you had a good time. It's usually those days when you don't have a destination that you end up at the best places. All of the pics look great too.