Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lisa E introduces DexStarG to Desagod

I love Lisa. Not only is she my Friend and neighbor, but she's also from my hometown (3rd ward) and is str8 up bout it. we hung out this past saturday. I came over to scope out her new crib and to get foggy. Lisa doesnt participate in the fog because (you aint ready) she's an international opera singer and she has to save her voice (told you).

After taking an extended nap, we decided to take a walk in the city and you know what... it was fun. Lisa invited her homie (a 3rd Ward native, and now my homie of course,) Desiree to come along. D is bout it and I heart her soul.

oh yeah... don't she kinda look like a Sexy Raven Simone?


Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

Dexy, I love these pics. Especially the red "heals" pic and the retro pic with the lady in black and white polka dot. Your friend reminds me more of Malina Williams of Soul Food in the face than Raven Symone.

Dex said...

Jules, the lady in the Black and white is the Sexy Raven Simone. The other chick is Lisa. Lisa does give a little Melinda Williams.

Saun said...

Dang it! Julia beat me too it. I was gonna say I love the "heals". Your girls look mad cool. I love it when women can make just walking out on the town an event worth dressing up for. I'm trying to hip folks to that concept around here.

dugla said...

both girls are "doin it well"

Lisa coat is haute

ParisCali said...

Hey DEX!

Just came by to show some "CALI LUV" and of course 420 :)

Nice layout and those r some hott heels!

I know you know how to kick-it...tee-hee!!

keenabuttah said...

lisa is the cutest and i love her 'fit. she gets props from one big girl to another!

it always seems like the cute geigh guys has good big female friends. cuz my bestfriend is bi and him and his friends loves me DOWN. iono what it is! lol. just a simple observation. tis all..

take care dex

Dex said...

I dont know the connection, but big girls and geigh guys click.

And I love a girl that can use Queens English (Down. yes Ma'am!) :)

Anonymous said...

i am glad that i ran across this blog site. lisa is a very good friend of mine that i lost contact with and she is giving like she always does. i wish i could get back in touch with her somehow. very nice pics.

Dex said...

well... LISA is easy to find.

u are only 1 person away from her!

email me your name, info, and how whe sknows you and i'll pass it on.