Saturday, September 01, 2007

U Gotta Love Imani

Imani. What can I say?

In the Nguzo Saba, Imani is described as This is the 7th, and final, day of Kwanzaa. THE day we celebrate IMANI (Faith). It is the day we renew our BELIEF in God, our people, our teachers and our leaders, and the virtue and victory of our struggle. IMANI!

And if you've ever been around her for more than a minute, you can see that the name does fit the spirit and the person.

Imani is my neighbor and my friend. We met a few years ago at a BBQ in Prospect Park. At the time, I was just snapping pics for no reason. I was introduced to Imani and my world opened up... for like 5 minutes. *grin* We got to playing photoshoot in the park - after dark ..... Uhm... u had to be there. :)

Which brings us to Sundays at HIRO. Its one of my favorite spots, so I took two of my favorite people - Evan and Imani - to cut a rug and work on our liver damage.

Below are just a few of the pics. Not to mention that we ran into Andre J (I HEART Andre J) and had a BLAST of a BLAST of a GOOD TIME. It was like Christmas and the Fourth of July all wrapped up into one. :)

Im tired of typing. Enjoy the show, :)


Anonymous said...

How can I get my body like yours?

Anonymous said...

*cracking up at the other comment*

All ya'll look so cute!!

WhozHe said...

I love the pics

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

Hey Sexy Dexy!

Those pics are hawt! Imani is the shit...LOVE HER!

ambboogie said...

Andre J's legs be KILLIN ME.

I bet Tina Turner got beef.