Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sir Ben Marx

Hey Hey Hey! Uhm.. is this thing on? Whew! ya boi dex has been hittin the skreets, poundin the pavement, stayin on the grind.. and whatever else metaphor one can use to describe the hunt for that Skrilla.

(fvkin recession "Booooo, Bush's economy, BOO!" -- The Hommie, Rah)

I've resorted to doing fashion shots. :)

Naw, Fashion is cool, but a little -- uhm -- not my style. I prefer the energy and excitement and flexibility of event/documentary work.
But fvk it.. People pay, so like a good whore, there I lay :) I used to do them often... mostly pick up shots for my actor/ model friends who needed somethin new for their portfolio, but didnt have the skrilla to hook them selves up with a studio photog (me no do the studio... yet).

Below is the first fashion shoot I've done in -- how many years? Its of my hommie, Sir Ben Marx... the Model Musician! He's Cool. His music is cool, and most of all.... he pays on time!!!!! *laffin*

Check out my foray in to the world of fashion. Uhm... these shots was taken on the street near my house. Yes.. that's right. I was workin on the street to get that dough.
Lucky for me, I'm my own pimp. (keep it pimpin, Pimpin --- THe Hommie, Rah)

.... Boy, Billie Ocean aint got nuthin on you! :)


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