Saturday, December 20, 2008

Timmy Sunshine

Speaking of St. Jude's ..... My good buddy, Timmy (who does something really awesome or other for St. Jude. Like seriously, he's a living saint.), had a B-day not too long ago.

A little about Timmy: he's AWESOME. Not only is he my friend, but he's also a man sized ball of Sunshine with candy coated rays of happiness. If you were to ever meet him, you'd like him immediately.

So many cool people came to Paris Commune to hang and celebrate Timmy Sunshine's b-day. Drew was there..... Reynaldo was there.....

The other Timmy was there.... Roman and his boyfriend came thru..... This really hot chick in a gorgeous red coat was there.....

And of course, me and Bessie Anne (my camera)

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