Thursday, October 29, 2009

Real Housewives of ATL Sheree

She By Sheree. I like the name of that. This past Saturday, I covered the Front Row Fashion Show which is part of the TMCF gala weekend. I had a blast.

the scoop: Its the end of the night and I was packing up my camera bag and enjoying one of the complementary drinks at the open bar ( something called a "Runway" - it was nice. Belvedere vodka and some kind of fruit juice.) when, out of the corner of my eye I saw that hair.

All sleek and shiny with movement....

And under that hair was one of the leads from one of my new favorite things, Real Housewives of ATL. -- Don't you just love how "Atlanta's Elite" are exactly like your crazy relatives? Watching that show is like watching my aunties when they get together at the family Bar B Que.

Anyhow.... Out comes the camera and there she was. I don't know about the character that they edit her into on the show, but up close and personal, she was a doll. Sweet as punch and very accommodating.

I like her.

Check out some of the pics of Sheree holding it down with her fans. :)

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