Monday, April 23, 2007

I got Z'wined

I was walkin down the street when I bumped into my homegirl Alisha. In true BK fashion, we greeted, updated, and encouraged each other without breaking a step and in the span of less than 10 seconds. But leave it to Alisha to ad a little spice to my life. She notified me of an upcoming gathering at our homegirl was having? Of course I said "yes" (It's Alisha. Resistance is futile) and committed myself to adding the event to my calendar as soon as I got the info/ text message.

True to form.... that same evening (I Heart promptness).. The email:

Hey everybody my homegirl is throwing a wine tasting in Brooklyn.
Lisa's gonna sing
I'm gonna show some artwork
Come and see...

Sounds fun so far....

Salut, Mon bel esprit:

Thank you all for supporting me as I delve deeper into the fabulous
world of wine. I'm on a mission to bring wine down to earth. First
stop, Brooklyn! I've joined forces with the crème de le crème of BK to
bring you a Tour de France Wine Tasting "To Music" – the new
installment of "3rd Sunday Communion" (woulda been last week but,
hell, you remember that rain). If you missed our last soiree in the
snow, you now have a chance to redeem your cool factor. The weather
should FINALLY be warm and the terraces plentiful. Put on your flyest
skins and hold on to your glasses because you're about to be Z'wined.

Wine, Music and Art...
What more could you need?

me? uhm... Boyz.. Fogg?

Just Kidding!... sorta....

IIght.. So it's a wine and cheese tasting. Already, my "inna-nigga" was revolting. He started yelling all kinds of shyt like "Wine? - M/F U don’t know shyt bout no wiiiine. Only m/f Wine you know is Bartles & James. They gon have some Yak up in dat bitch?.. "

Yeah.. I had to cut hi off before he got to the cheese....

Fast forward. I got to the spot, the music is good ( The DJ was real) and best of all, I got to see my Texas Crew.

The Highlights of my evening: Getting to see a different side to my Homegirl Zwann. Since the day I met Zwann, she has been a true Yellow Rose of Texas. Always smiling. Always upbeat. Always read to share some knowledge. During the wine tasting, she hosted, and shared her EXTENSIVE knowledge of wine. What I dug so much about it was, that as much as she was informing the crowd, I could tell that it was only the tip of the iceberg of her knowledge of both international and a wide variety of domestic wines.

BTW: Zwann is off the hook, not only was the party incredibly entertaining, but she kept it real by surprising the crew with some “Yak” (Cognac –but it was fancy – Not no Hen-Dogg) and skrawburries…. J

Quit PLAYIN. Enjoy the pics!


Sparty said...


Where ya been? I saw you posting on C&D and I was like 'wow'. Glad to see you're back and doing fine. I love NYC and you and your pics always make me miss it more.

Anonymous said...

sexy dexy! good to have you back. mmm wine...

Anonymous said...

Love the new pics. The rack focuses and color shots are on point. Love it!

You killed mee with your "iner negro" because that the same exact way I think whenI get an invite.

Miss ya Dexy

Ninjagirrl said...

LOL!! I'se a wine negro myself. Love it and I don't mean white zinfadel either. LMAO! it's funny cause when you were asked what more could you need, I needed the same shit as you!!

Shabaka said...

I need to get Z'wined this week end too!! Bout' time!

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

Beautiful pics as usual! Glad to see that you are back, even if it's sporadic. Love you My Sexy Dexy!